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Indexing for Performance (SQL440B)

Presented by: Jeffrey R. Garbus
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Pre Recorded Webinar
90 minutes
  •  Thu, April 24, 2014
Event Description
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Understand The Issues Of Scaling For Performance As Data Grows

As data begins to scale (even before you get to Big Data, but especially then), database performance is often directly proportional to the quality of your index selection. Proper indexing has often taken multi-hour and multi-day queries to seconds and minutes.

This discusses index structures, how they are used by the optimizer, and how to properly select indexes for optimal query performance. Jeffery Garbus will share his experiences, teaching the techniques that enables him to reduce multi-hour queries to seconds with this informative session.

All good developers and DBAs know that indexes are critical to the performance of a well-behaved database, but you might be surprised just how little many people know about how indexes work and why what may appear to be a trivial indexing mistake can actually result in catastrophic query performance.

Many performance issues can be easily and quickly resolved by adding or changing indexes. This session talks about how to choose indexes based upon query needs with an understanding of physical index structure.

Topics include:

  • Clustered vs. nonclustered indexes, and choosing between them
  • B-tree structures
  • Filtered indexes
  • Index covering
  • Index join performance
  • Optimizer limitations; how it selects indexes
  • When indexes slow queries down
  • What to do when the indexes you choose aren’t being selected by the optimizer
  • Better database performance
  • Better user interaction time
  • Better reporting performance
  • Reduce loads of reporting on OLTP systems
  • Understand the issues of scaling for performance as data grows

Who should attend?

  • MS SQL Developers
About Our Speaker(s)

Jeffrey R. Garbus, Web Training ExpertJeffrey R. Garbus
Jeffrey R. Garbus’s background includes a B.S. Degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and work experience from PC's to Mainframes and back again. Jeff has many years of client / server, Sybase, and Microsoft SQL Server experience, with a special emphasis on assisting clients in migrating from existing syst... More info

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    Event Title: Indexing for Performance
    Presenter(s): Jeffrey R. Garbus

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