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Fraud in Social Media and How to Protect Yourself and Your Organization (HRM930M)

Presented by: Peter Goldmann, MSc., CFE
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90 minutes
  •  Tue, September 17, 2013
Event Description



Know How to Reduce the Risk of Fraud Victimization in Social Media

The social network sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube have become as essential in daily life, as food and water. Recently, Facebook touched one-billion active users per month. Although, it tells a lot about the positive characteristics of social media, but unfortunately these sites have now become the breeding ground for numerous types of fraud like – identity theft, social engineering, theft of business secrets, and confidence schemes galore. The users are now at a risk of victimization by cyber-criminals from around the world.

In this power packed session, Peter Goldmann will talk about how E-fraudsters exploit Facebook and other social media sites to commit fraud. He’ll also share ways to monitor social media sites for signs of criminal actions against your organization, reduce the risk of fraud victimization via social media, and know who should be accountable for monitoring and reacting to social media attacks.

Session Highlights:

  • The growing threat of ID theft and ID fraud in social media, and the difference between the two
  • The threat of disclosure of organization’s sensitive information/data in social media
  • Case studies of costly social media frauds
  • How to control employee use of social media to minimize fraud risk
  • Legal issues regarding monitoring of employee S/M usage
  • How to use social media to gather evidence of a suspected or actual fraud

Who should attend?

  • Internal and external audit professionals
  • IT managers and auditors
  • Website managers
  • Accounting and audit practitioners
  • HR managers
  • Senior financial management seeking to reduce their vulnerability to costly frauds
  • Fraud examiners/investigators
  • Procurement managers
  • Compliance and ethics managers
  • CFO’s/senior financial managers
  • Security personnel
About Our Speaker(s)

Peter Goldmann, Hr Training ExpertPeter Goldmann MSc., CFE
Peter Goldmann is president of White-Collar Crime 101 LLC, the publisher of White-Collar Crime Fighter, a widely read read monthly newsletter for internal auditors, controllers, corporate counsel, financial operations managers and fraud investigators. The newsletter is in its 15th year of publication under Peter’... More info

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    Event Title: Fraud in Social Media and How to Protect Yourself and Your Organization
    Presenter(s): Peter Goldmann, MSc., CFE

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