Module - 1

HR's Role in Screening, Interviewing and Hiring Top Performers

Do you want to hire people who are highly skilled, passionate about their work, eager to learn, open to new experiences and who get along with co-workers and customers alike? Even if your organization or company is a talent magnet, you will still be required to decide who is motivated and the best fit for the job. The ability to hire top performers is a direct reflection on you and the hiring decisions that you and your leaders make.

Hiring a motivated workforce is every manager's goal. This presentation by expert speaker Carol Hacker offers tips for hiring people who are eager to go the "extra mile" for you. They are the kind of employees who will keep you in business because of their motivation

Module - 2

On-Boarding: Guaranteeing the Success of New Employees!

When it comes to new hires, it isn't just all handshakes and paperwork. It's a mainstreaming process called "on-boarding," often mistakenly referred to as "new-hire orientation." It's the best talent management and retention technique you have, yet it's one that is often undervalued or simply over-looked.

On-boarding is a critical business strategy that when conducted effectively, can make the difference between an engaged employee and one who decides to leave. The reality is that HR is ultimately responsible for achieving on-boarding success with the help of the entire management team.

Module - 3

Retention Strategies for Keeping Top Performers

If the direct expense of replacing a good employee is considered, it might reach to 50%-60% of an employee's annual salary. If the indirect costs are added in, it zooms to 90%-200% of an employee's annual salary. There is a negative effect of high employee turnover on employee morale and productivity.

In order to avoid incurring employee turnover expense and stress, your company must understand and implement the best practices to manage employee retention. This webinar by expert speaker Wes Pruett will unravel why employees leave or stay, and the strategies that you can use to retain your best employees.

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