Improving Trucking Principles - Insights on Drivers and Carriers - Virtual Boot Camp

Presented by: Dave Malenfant, Mark Dixon
Duration: 330 minutes

In this Transportation Virtual Boot Camp, experts Mark Dixon and Dave Malenfant will help you explore and understand current trends in the trucking sector of the transportation industry. The deep level of insight you’ll gain will prepare you to handle any compliance situation and to make sure your company is updated on the latest regulatory and industry developments. This informative boot camp will cover the four key areas of driver recruitment and retention; auditing protocols, including DOT requirements; freight planning; and truckload pricing strategies. Mark and Dave will use multiple sub-sessions addressing topics – from the styles and methodology of recruitment and retention, and how to create a strong brand that speaks to drivers, use of predictive analytic tools to make planning decisions – that provide a deep dive into methods and practices that will help you maximize your resources and boost your profits, all while staying compliant.

Session Details
Session 1: Struggling with your driver recruitment and retention? Here's the solution
Speaker: Mark Dixon | Duration: 75 minutes

Session Highlights

  • How to determine your driver needs
  • How to develop and implement recruitment and retention programs or improve the existing ones
  • How to maximize your recruiting results while minimizing efforts
  • How to target your market and how to beat your competition
  • How to create a strong brand that speaks to drivers
  • Tips on successful ad writing and the functions of a job description
  • Tips on utilizing third parties, print and online media
  • Explore what the successful companies are doing right and what the not-so-successful companies are doing wrong
  • Looking beyond traditional hiring pools to military veterans, women in the workforce, high school dropouts and even ex-offenders as a goldmine of potential drivers
Session 2: Hit the bull's eye in the trucking industry: The impact of a DOT intervention
Speaker: Mark Dixon | Duration: 90 minutes

Employer's (Driver vs. Company) Perspective

Session Highlights

  • Driver's qualification files and requirements
  • Past employment verification
  • Driver's policy and procedures manual
  • Driver orientation program development
  • Drug and alcohol testing and requirements
  • Accident reporting and requirements
  • Worker compensation requirements
Safety and Compliance Toolbox
  • Truck maintenance log and requirements
  • Roadside inspections
  • SafeStat: MCS 150 updates and corrections
  • Implementing CSA 2010 requirements
  • OOS criteria and review
    • HOS violations
    • Cargo securement violations
    • Equipment violations
    • Paperwork and certification violations
  • FMCSR evaluation and review
    • HOS auditing and compliance
    • Equipment inspections
    • Driver qualification requirements
    • Insurance requirements
  • Managing and auditing drivers
    • Various methods for auditing drivers through GPS tracking
    • Individual log auditing by office personnel, log scanning hardware and software
    • Electronic on-board recorder (EOBRs)
    • Third-party auditing
  • Corrective action reporting
    • How an in-house management team should perform corrective action reporting for violations that require documentation
  • Ensuring DOT compliance for small and medium-sized trucking companies
Session 3: Balancing supply and demand: Effective freight planning
Speaker: Dave Malenfant | Duration: 45 minutes

Session Highlights

  • The factors to be considered when planning freight
    • Infrastructure
    • Common commodity lanes
    • Distribution center network
    • Consumer behavior
  • How to manage the mode
    • Mode management to accommodate evolution of e-commerce without increasing costs
  • Maximizing freight through truckload and leveraging other modes
    • Evolution of hub-spoke distribution exploring the shift from truckload to other modes
    • How spoke to end customer may drive more courier, small parcel and special handling requirements
    • The “UBER” effect – how tracking and analytics play into freight planning
Session 4: Risk mitigation and cost optimization in truckload pricing
Speaker: Dave Malenfant | Duration: 45 minutes

Session Highlights

  • Technology solutions enabling price optimization
    • Autonomous trucking
    • Predictive analytics
    • Innovative future technologies
  • Spot market vs long-term contract – overcoming challenges to move to the spot market
  • Impact of lane congestion on capacity and truckload pricing
Who Will Benefit?
  • Trucking company owners
  • Safety managers
  • Operations managers
  • Trucking company recruiters
  • Human resources personnel
  • Brokers
  • Shippers
  • Independent drivers
  • Transportation and logistics professionals
  • Logisticians and pricing analysts
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About Our Speaker(s)
Dave Malenfant

Dave Malenfant brings over 30 years in Supply Chain Management. After graduation from the University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, he worked in several Supply Chain management positions with Wyeth Ayerst Canada. In Canada, Dave was Co-founder and President of Signature Consultants, Inc., (1973) a business, finance and economic consulting firm. Signature Consultants, Inc. was sold in 1993. Dave implemented and operated several other business initiatives that are still profitable in Canada. Dave has worked for Alcon Laboratories, Inc. in Fort Worth, Texas since 1993, holding positions as Purchasing Manager, Materials Operation Manager and Director Global Supply Chain. Dave retired as Vice President Global Supply Chain. As Vice President he provided strategic direction for the company’s Global Supply Chain initiatives and innovation. He provided leadership and a center of excellence globally for Distribution, Transportation, Customer Service, Sales and Operations Management, Data Management and Product Launches. Over the years, Dave has been responsible for the implementation of over 30 different computer systems – WMS, ERP, Finite Scheduling, Order Entry, among others. Dave is past chairman of the Supply Chain Council. Dave is currently the Director for the Center of Supply Chain Innovation at TCU. He also serves as Industry Relations Liaison and Talent Development for the BSMA (Biotech Supply Management Alliance) and a member of the Executive Committee of NASSTRAC. Dave is well recognized for creative development of standardized systems, innovative business processes, delivering cost effectiveness and implementing enabling technology throughout entire supply chain. He is a frequent speaker at Supply Chain Conferences on innovation, talent and the vision for the future supply chain.

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Mark Dixon

In 1990, after a successful career in Sales and Sales Management, Mark Dixon changed gears. He left the rat race, dog eat dog world of the sales arena, went to truck driving school, attained a Class A CDL License, and hit the freedom of the open road as an 'Over the Road' truck driver. His children were growing taller, the dogs didn't recognize him anymore, so after 2 years of truck stops and greasy food he accepted an operations position as a dispatcher so he could be at home. Within time, advancements to operations management, compliance, driver training, recruiting, and safety management came Mark's way, serving as the Director of Safety for three different trucking companies. Mark realized that the industry was experiencing many issues that weren't being properly addressed. Driver turnover across company lines was rampant, communication skills within operations was lacking, and driver recruitment was always an uphill battle, not to mention the always present and looming DOT Compliance issues effecting everyone in the industry. It was at that time that Mark ventured off into his own consulting concern researching and developing programs addressing these issues. Mr. Dixon has presented to trucking company professionals extensively in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. From Driver to Operations Management, from Recruiter to Director of Safety, Mark has a firsthand approach to many of the issues and concerns presenting the industry today. His close to 25 year relationship within the trucking industry have imparted a wealth of information to be shared and enjoyed with his audiences everywhere.

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