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Air Traffic Control: Approach Control Operations (TNS651A)

Presented by: Stephen M. Alvania
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90 minutes
Event Description
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Understand the Principles and Concepts Behind TRACON to Design, Build, Develop and Deploy More Effective, New ATC Technologies, Applications and Capabilities.

The U.S. air traffic control system is made up of four fundamental operational facilities: Airport Traffic Control Towers, Terminal Radar Approach Controls, Air Route Traffic Control Centers, and the ATC System Command Center. The Terminal Radar Approach Control, or TRACON, is responsible for the safe movement of aircraft between the airport runways and the points in space where the aircraft are transferred to or accepted from the enroute facility. TRACON also puts arriving aircraft into the most efficient landing sequences on the final approach course for the appropriate arrival runways so that no two aircraft are on the same runway at the same time. This process can be easily seen at night through the long lines of aircraft landing lights approaching the airport, often called a 'String of Pearls'. TRACON operations are often fast-paced and intense, provide the crucial 'in close' air traffic control services, and are key to the efficiency of the entire ATC system.

This webinar with expert speaker, Stephen Alvania, a U.S. ATC veteran, focuses on what Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) air traffic controllers do, how they do it, and what they're "thinking" while they do it. One key objective of this webinar is to give technologists an initial and innate sense of what it 'feels like' to be an air traffic controller so that new empathy can be incorporated into the human factor design of the operational applications of new ATC technologies, applications and capabilities.

This training session is an educational opportunity for anyone who has a professional need to attend conferences and symposia sponsored by aviation and/or air traffic control associations or organizations such as the Air Traffic Control, Association (ATCA) and the Civil Air Navigation Services Organization (CANSO).

Session Highlights:

This session focuses on TRACON operations and will cover the following topics to provide a sound operational understanding of this ATC facility type.

  • Overview of the foundation structure of ATC systems, including the scope and nature of ATC enabling technologies, operational hierarchy of ATC facility types, and structure of airspace jurisdictions.
  • Comparison and rationale for Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) operations.
  • Understanding of Class B, C, D VFR airspace structures and restrictions near airports.
  • Fundamental operational concepts behind TRACON operations.
  • Overview of ATC control positions that make up TRACON operations: Departure Control, Arrival Control, Satellite Airport Control, and Tower Enroute Control.
  • Instrument Landing System (ILS) and Visual Approach concepts and operational ATC procedures.
  • Wake vortex dangers, avoidance, and associated operational procedures.
  • Departure Control and Arrival Control operational scenarios.
  • Examples of operations and procedures at TRACONs containing multiple major airports.
  • Example and application of a Standard Terminal Arrival Route (STAR) and a Standard Instrument Departure (SID) route.

Benefits of the Session

  • Get a solid understanding of Terminal Radar Approach Control operations to enhance your own contribution to the industry.
  • Understand the principles and concepts behind TRACON operations and focus on the unique operational conditions at different facilities.
  • Get an enhanced understanding of fundamental TRACON principles to identify and appreciate ingenious adaptations that facilities have developed to efficiently process their local traffic.
  • Get deeper insights into underlying TRACON concepts compared to what you can get by visiting a specific facility as an observer.
  • Understand ATC and gain empathy for controllers to establish a common bond with subject matter expert (SME) controllers on the development team and enhance two-way communications.
  • Understand the nuances of controller feedback.
  • Get the knowledge to make and voice operationally based programmatic judgments on technology, procedures, or any other changes to the ATC environment.
  • Identify serious operational issues and correct them before they reach a critical point.
  • Operate more efficiently and collaboratively within your own ATC operational environment.
  • Design, build, develop, and deploy more effective new ATC technologies, applications, and capabilities.

Who should attend

  • Aviation program managers
  • Aviation policy analysts
  • Aviation Executives
  • Airline and corporate flight dispatchers
  • Airport management personnel
  • Aviation safety professionals
  • Flight school pilot trainers
  • Flight training students
  • Pilots
  • Government program management staff
  • Electrical and software engineers
  • Computer scientists
  • Technical analysts and scientists
  • Aviation journalists
  • Aviation 'buffs'
  • All those actively involved in designing and developing new air traffic control technologies, applications, and operational capabilities.
About Our Speaker(s)

Stephen M. Alvania | Air Traffic Control SpeakerStephen M. Alvania
Mr. Alvania retired from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) after more than 30 years of government service supporting the U.S. Air Traffic Control (ATC) system. He started his career as a fully qualified air traffic controller at a major Airport Traffic Control Tower (ATCT), a Terminal Radar Approach Contro... More info

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    Event Title: Air Traffic Control: Approach Control Operations
    Presenter(s): Stephen M. Alvania

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