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Reducing Heavy Duty Emissions and Fuel Costs through the Utilization of Alternative Fuels (TNS951P)

Presented by: Albert Venezio
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Pre Recorded Webinar
60 minutes
  •  Wed, December 2, 2015
Event Description
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Get An Understanding of How and Where to Utilize Alternative Fuels in Heavy Duty Engines For Emission Reduction and Fuel Cost Savings!

Emission standards are increasing (tightening) for heavy duty vehicles in the USA and globally. The utilization of alternative fuels (Propane, CNG, DME, Ethane etc) can dramatically reduce emissions in heavy duty engines, as well as Dual Fuel (Blended) and Monofuel systems.

After this informative and interactive session by our expert speaker, Alberto Venezio, you will have a better understanding of how and where to utilize alternative fuels in heavy duty engines for emission reduction and fuel cost savings. You will also be provided with the lists of propane and natural gas dual fuel (blended) and monofuel heavy duty systems as well as companies working on DME and ethane breakthroughs.

This webinar will provide you with key strategies to reduce emissions, save money and utilize domestic fuels.


  • Learn how Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Emissions can be reduced significantly.
  • Reducing Particulate Matter (PM) (Black soot), which often leads to breathing issues.
  • Reducing Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions.
  • How to dramatically cut down on fuel costs.
  • Utilization of domestic fuels (in the USA & Canada).

Who should attend?

Fleets, ports, companies, automobile manufacturers, engineers, government agencies and concerned citizens seeking to reduce heavy duty emissions.

About Our Speaker(s)

Albert Venezio | Alternative Fuel Technology SpeakerAlbert Venezio
Albert Venezio is Chairman and Co-Founder of Icom North America, LLC and is responsible for Strategic Planning and Business Development at Icom. He was in the auto parts distribution, import/export and recycling industry for over 20 years with an eventual focus on Clean Air Technologies. While on a recycling project in... More info

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    Event Title: Reducing Heavy Duty Emissions and Fuel Costs through the Utilization of Alternative Fuels
    Presenter(s): Albert Venezio

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