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Hours of Service - When Does it Apply? (TNS561U)

Presented by: Jeena Hysell
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60 minutes
  •  Tue, May 10, 2016
Event Description
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Why Your Drivers Should Take Control of HOS, Not Your Company or Dispatchers!

Through the years Hours of Service (HOS) has changed many times. The main purpose of HOS is to avoid or prevent accidents that are caused due to driver fatigue. In order to accomplish this, the number of driving hours per day for drivers is limited along with the number of working and driving hours in a week. You can also prevent fatigue by keeping the drivers on a 21- to 24-hour schedule, maintaining a natural cycle of sleep/wake or circadian rhythm. Drivers need to take minimum period of rest daily and are permitted longer rest durations in “weekends” to address cumulative fatigue effects that accrue on a weekly basis.

In this session, our expert speaker Jeana Hysell will provide you a better understanding of Hours of Service and its applications in various circumstances. You’ll understand why your driver should take control of HOS and not your company—and certainly not your dispatch.

Session Highlights:

  • What is the HOS?
  • How many hours am I legally allowed to drive?
  • Do I have to log or adhere to the HOS if I drive a Limousine (Passenger Carrying Vehicles)?
  • Do I have to log or adhere to the HOS if I drive a CMV under 26001lbs?
  • Do I have to log or adhere to the HOS if I drive Intrastate?

Who should attend?

  • Transportation practitioners new to the field
  • Transportation and supply chain managers and leaders who rely on their staffs to optimally manage transportation
  • Distribution network designers
  • Supply chain analysts
  • Carrier relationship managers and staff
  • Routing analysts and planners
  • Supply chain practitioners who interface/interact with transportation service providers or the internal transportation organization
  • Managers and staff responsible for mode management and/or carrier selection
  • Human resources staff with transportation responsibility
  • Continuous improvement, Lean, Six , and change management group members with transportation project roles
About Our Speaker(s)

Jeena Hysell - Trucking and Transportation Safety SpeakerJeena Hysell
Jeana Hysell is a Senior Safety Consultant for J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. She provides safety and compliance solutions for clients. She also monitors regulations and industry best practices, develops training and advisory curriculum, and identifies service offerings. Ms. Hysell has been in the transportation indu... More info

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    Event Title: Hours of Service - When Does it Apply?
    Presenter(s): Jeena Hysell

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