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Cockpit Coaxing: Recruiting and Retaining Pilots (TNSD77C)

Presented by: Mike Sedam
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60 minutes
Event Description
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Learn the Tactics Being Used in the Aviation Industry to Recruit and Retain Pilots

The aviation industry is facing an unprecedented shortage of pilots. This can have an impact on the effectiveness of organizations that require the use of aircraft such as airlines, cargo delivery, agriculture, military, public service, and charters. These industries count on dedicated and competent people to do the job. In addition, because of the high cost and the long time it takes to adequately train pilots and crews, it is essential that organizations understand how to retain employees. The recruitment of new pilots and retention of existing pilots is therefore a necessary area of focus.

In this session aviation expert Mike Sedam will offer you a unique view on recruiting and retaining people that will add value to your organization. Human beings are social animals with specific social needs that, if met, can drive people to an organization and keep them loyal to that organization. Specifically, people have a need to belong to groups and also have a unique ability to use storytelling to explain a shared vision and to elicit emotions in others.

In this session, you will learn what drives human behavior. This session will provide you with a new lens with which to view your world; this will impact how you interact with people and create relationships. As a result, you will gain an understanding of human beings that will allow you to more effectively recruit new employees and retain the employees you currently have. You will get communication tools that are based on the social needs of human beings which have not changed. The means of providing social belonging may have evolved, but the human response to social belonging has not. In this session, you will gain a valuable understanding of how to use sociology, biology, and psychology in easy terms.

Mike will discuss the problem, some proposed solutions, and a set of social marketing ideas that can draw new recruits and retain current employees. He will offer a social view of people that will allow you to focus on how people need to belong to groups, need to be provided models of behavior that draw them to a field, and need feedback that can generate self-esteem. You will be able to use tactics that will draw people to your industry and to your organization.  This session will provide you with an educational foundation that you can use in a strategic approach to recruitment and retention. The information you gain in this session will allow you to breakdown silos that may exist between your social media, direct mailing, events, and other areas where you can attempt to recruit and retain employees.  As a result, you will be able to use the information to seek a more holistic approach that uses human behavior and human performance as powerful drivers.

Session Highlights

  • An understanding of the pilot shortage problem
  • Some of the tactics being used in the aviation industry to recruit new pilots and retain existing pilots
  • An understanding of social needs as a source of motivation
  • Consideration of multiple generations of workers (baby boomers, generation X, and Millennials)
  • Comparison of social motivation and monetary motivation
  • An understanding of the care that needs to be taken with monetary incentives that could hinder retention efforts
  • Communication tactics that can be used to draw new recruits and retain current employees

Who Should Attend

Recruiting should be a system-wide consideration, not just the responsibility of one specialty position, however, the following will benefit specifically:

  • Marketing
  • Human resources
  • Recruiters (headhunters)
  • Chief pilots
  • Chief operating officers
  • Chief executive officers
  • Social media managers
  • Public relations specialists
About Our Speaker(s)

Mike Sedam
Mike Sedam is the commander of a large aviation program. He is responsible for the training and certification of over 170 personnel, safety program, fixed-wing and rotor-wing aircraft, and operating budget. Mike has two masters degrees, one in public administration and the other in security studies from the Naval Post... More info

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    Event Title: Cockpit Coaxing: Recruiting and Retaining Pilots
    Presenter(s): Mike Sedam

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