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3D Printing and the Coming Supply Chain Transformation (TNS751H)

Presented by: Joe Lynch
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Pre Recorded Webinar
60 minutes
Event Description

Learn Why and How Manufacturing & Logistics Companies Should Invest in 3D Printing Now to Gain a Competitive Advantage.

3D printing technology is a rapidly evolving technology that has the potential to shake up the supply chain and manufacturing and turn them upside down in much the same way the Internet disrupted the publishing, journalism and communications industries. At this point, it is difficult to see the complete picture, but it is important to begin paying attention to this important new technology. There will be winners and losers in this transformation. The winners will be the companies that make the right investments at the right time.

Every stakeholder in the supply chain should educate themselves on the potential impacts and opportunities associated with 3D printing. After transforming prototyping and low volume manufacturing in many industries, this relatively new technology has the potential to seriously disrupt the supply chain, manufacturing, logistics and operations fields. 3D printing is an attractive solution because it has the potential to reduce the cost and time associated with tooling, manufacturing, assembly, logistics and supply chain processes. Many of the existing tooling limitations that define traditional manufacturing are not an issue with 3D printing.

Currently, manufacturing is often done in low cost countries in Asia and then shipped to the US. With 3D printing, low labor costs are not a factor. Logistics expenditures will be drastically reduced. 3D printing also eliminates tooling, which is capital intensive and time consuming. Many logistics, tooling and manufacturing companies will be negatively impacted by 3D printing technology unless they reposition themselves to take advantage of this exciting new technology.

3D printing technology is disruptive and it will impact every industry vertical differently. Companies that proactively invest in 3D printing have the potential to change their position in the supply chain and gain a competitive advantage.

This webinar by expert speaker Joe Lynch will answer the following questions for participants:

  • What is 3D Printing and what impacts will it have on the supply chain?
  • Who are producers and potential users of 3D printing?
  • What does 3D printing have over traditional production processes?
  • What issues will 3D printing solve?
  • What are the current applications and uses of 3D printing?
  • When will it begin to have a major impact on the supply chain?
  • Who will be the winners and losers?

Session Highlights

  • 3D printing technology and its impacts on manufacturing, logistics and supply chain.
  • Technical and business issues facing the emerging 3D printing technology.
  • How the supply chain may look after 3D printing technology becomes the standard.
  • Opportunities and challenges in integrating 3D printing technology.
  • Ideas on how to use 3D printing technology to build a competitive advantage.

Who should attend

This webinar will be helpful to anyone working in manufacturing, operations, supply chain, purchasing, logistics, product development or engineering.

About Our Speaker(s)

Joe Lynch - Supply Chain Logistics SpeakerJoe Lynch
Joe Lynch is the founder of The Logistics of Logistics, a logistics training and consulting firm.  Joe specializes in helping logistics and transportation companies grow their sales.  Joe also works with manufacturers, retailers, distributors and wholesalers to select and manage their logistics providers (3PLs, broke... More info

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    Event Title: 3D Printing and the Coming Supply Chain Transformation
    Presenter(s): Joe Lynch

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