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2015 North American Transportation Review - Lesson Learned & Puzzles Solved (TNSN51Z)

Presented by: Noel Perry
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60 minutes
Event Description
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Trends in the 2015 North American Transportation Market in 2015 & How to Plan for 2016!

2015 has been a year of puzzling contrasts. Oil drilling is down but production remains up. Labor and equipment costs are up for truckers but pricing is flat or down. Conditions are tight in some markets and loose in other. Wondering what to take from 2015 as you make your 2016 plans?

Join our expert speaker Noël Perry in this webinar as he helps you understand what these confusing signs mean and what lessons we have learned as a result. In this session, you will get an improved understanding of some important topics and events that occurred in 2015 and how this projects a trend in 2016, helping you plan accordingly for the year ahead.

You will learn how the mixed signals in 2015 teach us valuable lessons about supply chain economics. As Peter Drucker, the great management consultant, held that unexpected, seemingly conflicting results are the gems that reveal new market realities. 2015 has presented more than a few such signals and this session will identify them and bring out the core lessons that will help you understanding the often puzzling North American Transport market.

North American Transport Markets are on the front edge of a set of major mid-term and long-term changes. Successful adaptors are already becoming aware of many of those changes and making plans to be first to market with their responses. They know that early adaptors often used their foresight to establish a dominant position in the new marketplace. Attend this session, to become an early adaptor and establish your position in this competitive market.

Session Highlights:

Get answers to some very important questions here:

  • Why diesel prices remain low when U.S. oil drilling has fallen by more than 50%?
  • Why rail service remains spotty despite plenty of capacity?
  • Why the sharp fall in spot prices has not spread to contract pricing?
  • Why transport demand is growing more slowly as the economy moves upward?
  • Why the 30 years of strong growth in China is about to end?
  • Why all the chatter about Federal Reserve policy has little relevance to current market conditions?
  • What are the lessons we have learnt from 2015?
  • How to adapt for the changes in 2016?

Who should attend?

  • Professionals, who buy, sell or invest in truckload or intermodal transport should
  • Logistics and traffic managers from the shipper, carrier and 3PL communities
  • Operations Manager
  • Transportation managers from other industries
  • C level professionals from Transportation industry like CFO,COO etc
  • Pricing managers
  • Finance professionals from trucking industry
  • Professionals related to transportation Industry
About Our Speaker(s)

Noel Perry | Freight Transport Industry SpeakerNoel Perry
Noel Perry worked his way up through the heavy freight industry, beginning on a loading dock and culminating in his current role as a leading industry consultant. During his 45 year career he has worked for suppliers, railroads, truckers, barge and salt water vessel operators, and financial consultants. Recognized as a... More info

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    Event Title: 2015 North American Transportation Review - Lesson Learned & Puzzles Solved
    Presenter(s): Noel Perry

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