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CFIUS updates - Broadcom-Qualcomm and National Security issues (TRD718B)

Presented by: Thad McBride
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Event Description

Learn about the National Security Issues that Traditionally Get CFIUS’s Attention

In the past year, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) has blocked several potential acquisitions of the U.S. companies because of national security concerns raised by the non-U.S. buyer. The Committee is also reviewing a greater number of transactions than ever before. Congress is also wading into the fray with the proposed legislation that would extend CFIUS review to ever more potential deals. Any U.S. company considering selling itself to a non-U.S. buyer, and any non-U.S. buyer considering a purchase in the United States, needs to be thinking about the potential CFIUS implications of the transaction.

CFIUS review is becoming more common and more challenging. We think this is only likely to continue. It is, therefore, essential—particularly for both buyers and sellers in industries that impact national security—to understand how CFIUS works and to know the key factors to consider when analyzing whether CFIUS may be interested in a particular transaction.

Join this session, where U.S. export and import controls expert Thad McBride will provide an overview of the current CFIUS regulations as well as the recent developments, particularly related to the transactions that have been blocked and proposed legislation that would extend CFIUS review to more transactions. In light of the recent, high-profile instances in which CFIUS blocked transactions, and pending legislation in the U.S. Congress, this program should be particularly timely.

McBride will provide an overview of CFIUS’s governing regulations, a summary of the current landscape with respect to how CFIUS is conducting reviews, and practical guidance and advice about how to navigate the CFIUS process most smoothly.

With this session, you will gain a better grasp of how CFIUS works, including the make-up of the Committee, what is required to be included in a filing, how the filing process works, how the review and investigation period work, and potential outcomes of the review/investigation. You will learn about the recent instances in which CFIUS blocked transactions, and, thereby, gain insight into the sorts of deals about which CFIUS has most interest. You will also learn about the proposed legislation that could expand the scope of CFIUS review.

After attending this session, you will be able to conduct a more fulsome analysis of when a CFIUS filing may be needed, and play a hands-on role in crafting a CFIUS filing.  You will also be more confident in your ability to manage a CFIUS review, including the necessary communication internally, with their counterparty, and with the CFIUS itself.

Session Highlights

This session will cover:

  • Overview of CFIUS regulations
    • What constitutes a covered transaction
    • What national security issues traditionally get CFIUS’s attention
  • How to prepare a filing
    • Importance of coordination with counter party
    • Obtaining complete and accurate information
    • Preparing the parties for the long-time horizon of the review
  • Notable recent CFIUS matters
    • Qualcomm-Broadcom
    • MoneyGram and Ant Financial
    • Other recent matters
  • Proposed legislation
    • Mandatory filing requirements
    • Longer review periods
    • Expanded scope as to national security issues

Who Should Attend

  • General counsel
  • Import managers
  • Export managers
  • Senior in-house and outside lawyers
  • Chief compliance officers
  • Corporate M&A counsel
  • Business lawyers
About Our Speaker(s)

Thad McBride | Trade compliance Issues SpeakerThad McBride
Thad McBrideis the head of the international trade group at Bass Berry & Sims at the firm's Washington office. His practice focuses on helping companies understand and comply with their obligations under U.S. export and import controls, economic sanctions, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and the Committee on Foreign... More info

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    Event Title: CFIUS updates - Broadcom-Qualcomm and National Security issues
    Presenter(s): Thad McBride

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