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Imports Paperwork: How to Complete NAFTA Form 434 (TRD385D)

Presented by: Frances Tallant
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Event Description

Reduce Customs Penalty Risk: File Compliant Certificate of Entry Forms

For the importer who files entries under NAFTA to receive duty free treatment of goods, knowing how to correctly complete U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Form 434, Certificate of Origin (C/O)—and satisfy all its data elements—is critical.

Form 434 is “used by Canada, Mexico, and the United States to certify that goods qualify for the preferential tariff treatment accorded by NAFTA,” says CBP. The exporter must complete the form—though a producer or manufacturer may complete a C/O to be used as a basis for an exporter’s C/O, according to the agency.

Join this session with expert Frances Tallant to gain a thorough understanding of how to correctly complete Form 434, and what could trip you up. You will learn: when the form should be completed and by whom, what each section of the form means to the party signing the form, who will require/request the completed (and signed) form, and the penalty for failing to submit a compliant form.

A compliant Form 434 is critical to your import efforts as it permits goods to be entered duty free into participating NAFTA countries. This session will help you mitigate the risk of customs penalties and fines for filing non-compliant entries under NAFTA.

Session Highlights

After attending this presentation, you will understand:

  • What NAFTA is
  • What Form 434 is for
  • When and how to complete and sign Form 434
  • The benefits of completing the CBP Form 434 correctly
  • The risks of submitting a non-compliant Form 434

Who Should Attend

  • Import managers
  • Import specialists
  • Purchasing associates
  • International import/export compliance associates
  • Accounting/tax associates
About Our Speaker(s)

Frances Tallant
Frances Tallant, LCB & CES is a Licensed Customs Broker and a Certified Export Specialist with more than 30 years of international import and export logistics and compliance experience. Her cross industry experience includes: Apparel/Retail, Hi-Tech, Footwear, Chemicals, Equipment and Machinery. She is currently Sr. Ma... More info

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    Event Title: Imports Paperwork: How to Complete NAFTA Form 434
    Presenter(s): Frances Tallant

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