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How the Trade Secrets Act Will Benefit Inventors, Licensees, and Manufacturers (TRD961H)

Presented by: Michele Nash-Hoff
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60 minutes
Event Description
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Analyze the Benefits of the DTSA on Inventors, Licensees and Manufacturers.

Trade secrets are a necessary form of intellectual property. A trade secret can be any information that is  valuable to a company, not generally known, and not readily ascertainable through lawful means. They include manufacturing processes, product development, industrial techniques, formulas and customer lists among others. For example, the formula for Coca Cola or the DuPont’s innovative Kevlar product, which was the subject of a large scale trade secret theft in 2006 3M adhesive formula for “sticky” notes.

The protection of this type of intellectual property is important to drive the innovation and creativity at the heart of the American economy. Companies in America are increasingly being the targets of sophisticated efforts to steal proprietary information, which harms our global competitiveness.

The Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 (DTSA - S. 1890, which was passed by Congress in April and signed by President Obama on May 11, 2016) has created a federal remedy that would provide a harmonized, consistent legal framework and would help to avoid the commercial injury and loss of employment, which can occur when the trade secrets are stolen. This live webinar by Michele Nash-Hoff will present the essential provisions of the DTSA and present the requirements affecting companies' employment and similar agreements with provisions that protect against the disclosure or misappropriation of a company’s trade secrets or confidential information.

The Defend Trade Secrets Act will help inventors and existing businesses that do not have "patentable" Intellectual Property and rely on trade secrets for protecting their "secret" formulas or processes to produce their products.

Session Highlights:

  • What are trade secrets, what they are not, and why they are important?
  • The important provisions of the Defend Trade Secrets Act in understandable English, not "legalese."
  • Identify the risks and precautions that companies need to take with regard to their employment and independent contractor agreements to be in compliance with the law.
  • The remedies that could be used to address the theft of a trade secret.
  • New provision added to the Economic Espionage Act (EEA), which depending upon how it is interpreted, may govern how district courts handle trade secret information in all cases.

Who Should Attend

  • C-level managers
  • product development managers
  • software developers
  • inventor associations
  • licensing agents
  • Executives from product licensing company
  • Human Resource managers
About Our Speaker(s)

Michele Nash-Hoff, Manufacturing ExpertMichele Nash-Hoff
Michele is founder and president of ElectroFab Sales, a sales agency specializing in helping manufacturers select the right processes for their products since 1985. Michele has been president of the San Diego Chapter of the Electronics Representatives Association and The High Technology Foundation, as well as several o... More info

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    Event Title: How the Trade Secrets Act Will Benefit Inventors, Licensees, and Manufacturers
    Presenter(s): Michele Nash-Hoff

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