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Overtime: California Style 2018 (TRD485N)

Presented by: Vicki M. Lambert, CPP
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100 minutes
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Everything You Need to Know Calculating and Paying Overtime in California!

California—the “Golden State” has a style all its own. That is certainly true when it comes to calculating overtime. One of only four states that require daily overtime, it also requires employees to be paid double time on a daily and weekly basis. With arguably the greatest number of requirements to pay overtime on the books of any state, processing payroll and keeping in compliance with California overtime rules can be a complex situation. In addition to laws that are strictly Californian, the Federal wage and hour laws may also apply. For example California does not have its own definition of “regular rate of pay” or “workweek” but follows the federal. If you handle payroll in California, you’ve got an uphill task ahead of you – you need to understand not only California’s complex overtime requirements, but the federal as well!

In this session, payroll specialist Vicki M. Lambert, CPP will unravel the wage and hour requirements for calculating and paying overtime in the State of California. With this session, you will be able to understand the requirements for calculating overtime and double time in California to ensure compliance with the state’s wage and hour laws. You will have sound knowledge of the terms used in wage and hour law regarding paying overtime, such as “regular rate of pay”, “workweek” “fluctuating workweek” and “alternative workweek”. You’ll get an understanding of where California follows the federal standards and where it differs and how you can determine which has priority.

Vicki will explain the calculations needed for when an employee is paid different rates of pay within the same workweek and is due overtime pay. She will discuss the requirements for compensatory time off as opposed to make-up time and explain the difference between the two under California law. 

Session Highlights

  • Overtime: CA has daily and weekly overtime and daily and weekly double time. Learn how to determine when its’ straight time, overtime or double time and how to calculate it
  • Understand the definition of a workweek and a workday and their effects on calculating overtime
  • Alternative workweeks: Are your employees eligible to have alternative workweeks and are you required to offer them?
  • Understand what are considered hours worked
  • Learn how California requires employers to calculate the regular rate of pay
  • Learn if the eight exceptions to inclusion of payments in the regular rate of pay under the FLSA also apply in California
  • Understand if compensatory time is permitted in CA instead of overtimeLearn to handle make-up time properly
  • Learn what to do when an employee is paid two or more rates in a work week
  • Understand overtime for piece workers and commissioned employees
  • Explore California’s policy on fluctuating workweeks and overtime pay
  • Learn if meal and rest period sanctions are included in the regular rate of pay
  • Understand tip credit and compulsory service charges, and their effect on overtime
  • Understand wage orders and their requirements for overtime
  • Learn the new rules for overtime for agricultural workers

Who Should Attend

  • Payroll professionals
  • Human resources
  • Accounting personnel
  • Business owners
  • Lawmakers
  • Attorneys
  • Any individual or entity that must deal with the complexities and requirements of paying employees overtime in California
About Our Speaker(s)

Vicki M. Lambert | Payroll Training SpeakerVicki M. Lambert CPP
Vicki M. Lambert, CPP is President and Academic Director of The Payroll Advisor™ a firm specializing in the training of payroll professionals. With over three decades of hands-on experience in all facets of payroll functions as well as over 20 years as a trainer and author, Ms. Lambert is a sought-after and respecte... More info

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    Event Title: Overtime: California Style 2018
    Presenter(s): Vicki M. Lambert, CPP

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