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Top 10 Secrets to the Perfect Travel Website

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Pre Recorded Audio Conference
60 minutes
  •  Wed, April 4, 2007
Event Description

What are you doing to attract customers and close sales on your website?

About half of all U.S. travel is now booked online. Even travelers who don’t buy online rely on the web to compare destinations, prices, and rooms and services.

Despite the web’s importance, however, competitive research from Keynote Systems, Inc., indicates that most travel sites score low with customers. In the lodging industry, for example:

  • Positive associations with a brand - 65%
  • Likelihood to return to the site maxed out at 73%
  • Likelihood to register on the site was no more than 57%
  • The highest trustworthiness score - 60%

Do you know where your site stands?
Online travel shoppers won’t hesitate to click over to the competition if they become frustrated with your site or can’t find the information they need. With online bookings set to explode to $122 billion by 2009, you need to find out how to get—and keep—a bigger piece of the market.

Here is what you’ll learn in this lively, eye-opening audio-conference:

  • What two types of home-page content turn people off rather than on? Hint: These bad boys are probably the most expensive elements to create.
  • Don’t stop! Why you should avoid putting ads and teasers on the check-out page.
  • The surprising tool that keeps people engaged with your site.
  • The ill effects of being coy: The four types of information that potential customers always ask for but can rarely find quickly.
  • What’s in a name? How simple wording errors can send people skidding off your check-out page.
  • Provide a clear path to the goal: The online search mantra and its magical effect on customer satisfaction.
  • Who are you leaving out? Many sites forget to accommodate large groups of potential customers.
  • 7 tips for getting search engines to send customers to your site.
  • Three new “Web 2.0” ideas that you might want to check out.

Plus: Get a chance to ask your own questions about website user experience during the interactive Q&A session!

You're sure to walk away with effective design tips that will make your website even more successful.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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