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Transform Any Team into a Success Team with Top-Notch Results (HRMO07L)

Presented by: Sid Kemp, PMP
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Pre Recorded Audio Conference
60 minutes
  •  Tue, October 26, 2010
Event Description

Managers, Project Managers and Supervisors: Do you need a great team of great people? Do you lose productivity due to staff turnover, poor communications or a lack of cooperation? Learn how to bring out the best from everyone on your team, reduce hassle and deliver results -- learn how to create a Success Team™!

A Success Team works together and delivers results -- and you can build a success team by using a coaching style of management. You lead by example, support each person in delivering the best, and demonstrate how to work together.

Join author, consultant and trainer Sid Kemp as he gives you all the tools you need to take your current department and turn them into an unbeatable team.

Here's what you'll learn in this engaging 60-minute audioconference:

  • How to transform the people you have now into a successful team that works together and delivers great results. 
  • An emotional intelligence secret that shows you how managers and supervisors can change themselves and transform their teams.
  • Proven advice to create a loyal team that lasts.
  • Simple steps to focus your team on results, quality and customer service. 
  • Basic qualities of good team players -- and how to develop them. 
  • How to recognize when an employee will not grow with the team and what you must do about it
  • And more!

Plus: Ask your Success Team questions during our live Q&A session -- it's like having a coaching expert right on site!

You're sure to walk away with everything you need to get your team off the ground and hitting higher goals than ever before!

About Our Speaker(s)

Sid Kemp, Teamwork Tips ExpertSid Kemp PMP
Sid Kemp, PMP, is a best-selling author who has been training professionals to bring success to their companies and grow in their careers since 1993. In 20 years, he has created over 50 courses, taught over 400 seminars, and helped over 5,000 professionals like you. Sid's training programs help technical staff, profess... More info

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    Event Title: Transform Any Team into a Success Team with Top-Notch Results
    Presenter(s): Sid Kemp, PMP

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