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Cynthia Ackrill

Cynthia Ackrill, MD, was trained as a primary care physician. She recognized early on that people are never taught the critical role of self-care as healthcare, self-care as leadership, how to optimize our human brainpower, handle the stress of real life, or develop habits to support our brilliance and resilience. And now we face a costly ($600B) stress epidemic and an energy crisis--a human energy crisis at work and in life.

Ackrill spent 10 years practicing applied neuropsychology, studying the brain and ways to develop human potential and master stress, serving on the board of the American Institute of Stress. Then, wanting to know more about empowering human behavior change, she certified in leadership coaching, and works with leaders around the world to find ways to support their best lives.

Her goal is to help you find your best patterns for handling stress, recharging your energy, and creating a life of meaning, connection, health, and happiness.

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