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Jacob J. Walker

Jacob Walker has a broad background in education, entrepreneurship, and technology.  Fresh out of high school, he helped a friend start the first Internet Provider in Placer County. Then through a series of serendipitous events he entered the field of education; starting as a teacher and technician, he became more deeply involved in all aspects of education; including writing grants and producing reports that in total have earned over a million dollars of funding; and leading multiple schools through multiple forms of accreditation.

He was instrumental in the transformation of an adult school, which grew from only providing small vocational programs, to offering Title IV accredited postsecondary career technical education programs, supported by Pell Grants. He then went on to cofound Highlands Community Charter School; which doubled its enrollment each of the three years he was with the school.  He now is helping other educational institutions to improve and grow, as well as starting new innovative educational ventures.

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