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Stanley H. Salot Jr. | Quality Process Management Speaker

Stanley H. Salot Jr.

Mr. Salot founded Business & Quality Process Management in 1996; a company that consults for and educates companies on quality management processes, hazardous material avoidance and mitigation processes, counterfeit product identification and avoidance, and sound manufacturing and quality business processes.

As a published author, speaker and radio talk show host, Mr. Salot contributes articles to national and international technical journals and speaks world-wide in person, on radio, TV and internet radio and video shows. (

Stan served 10 years in the U.S. Army both in the U.S. and overseas. His last 5 years of service was in Army Radio Communications. Since then, working at Calcomp Technology, Anderson Jacobson, Systems Industries, Altos Computers, Logitech, The National Standards Authority of Ireland, and Hitachi Micro Systems, Stan has held positions from component engineering, supplier quality and corporate quality assurance management to business development and operations.

Stan has a long history of service with the IECQ’s U.S. National Committee, is a senior member and past chairman of the American Society for Quality’s Santa Clara Valley Section and a founding member of the Santa Clara Valley Software Quality Association. As a member of the National Standards Authority of Ireland, Stan established the organization’s U.S. Western Region Conformity Assessment office and performed numerous Quality Management System assessments and EU CE Mark Certification inspections. From 2004 to 2014 Stan served as the President/CEO of the not-for-profit, ECC Corporation, which administers the U.S. National Committee of the International Electro-technical Commission Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components (USNC/IECQ). Mr. Salot is an acknowledged expert in business and quality process management and is active in U.S. and international industry standards bodies. With his in-depth knowledge of quality process management, hazardous substance and counterfeit product mitigation and avoidance, Mr. Salot has held active technical and leadership roles in a number of IECQ and SAE advisory and working groups, including the group which authored and implemented the U.S. standard, EIA/ECCB-954, which became the international specification for managing hazardous substance processes in the electronic and electrical industries – QC 080000 IECQ HSPM.

In 2015 Stan founded and serves as Chief Executive Officer of the Avoid Counterfeits Coalition® and the Hazardous Substance Safe Coalition® whose scope includes both electronic and non-electronic products. Coalition member countries currently include the U.S., Australia and Taiwan.

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