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Cecilia Wandiga | Sustainability Problems and Solutions Speaker

Cecilia Wandiga

Cecilia Wandiga has over 20 years of experience advising business owners and executives about how to improve performance. In 2005 she began exploring ways to integrate sustainability principles such as the Triple Bottom line (people, planet, profits) into daily operations management. Sustainability is an exciting “field” because it encompasses all activities in a way that brings a fresh perspective and purpose to an organization. Sustainability also lends itself well to Lean Six Sigma efficiency metrics and ISO 9000 quality improvement. Cecilia has certifications in both systems.

Ms. Wandiga’s background in Public Policy and municipal planning enables her to understand regulatory issues from the perspective of opportunities for improvement instead of constraints. She is a firm believer in the Permaculture maxim “the problem is the solution.” Just because a solution is not readily or immediately apparent does not mean a problem cannot be resolved. It just means one has to explore different ways of thinking about the problem and the desired objective. Human Centered Design and creative brainstorming are tools she will help you use to improve problem solving.

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