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Stanislov Krapivnik

I completed a Computer Science degree, as my second of three degrees, from NC State University. I worked five years directly in web based automation roles. This included pharmacy and medical information tracking and order automation. Since then, I became a senior supply chain professional with 12 years in supply chain, 10 of which were in oilfield and oilfield manufacturing. Presently, I am the Operations Director and founding partner in OPKO, a Moscow based Supply Chain and Localization consultancy. I was a global supply chain manager for Cameron and a Eurasian Regional Supply Chain manager for Halliburton, working to bring elements of IoT through automation of the ordering process, real time tracking of warehouse inventory, satellite tracking of logistics assets with live updates, and so on. In short, the Industrial Internet of Things. Prior to all of this, I spent 11 years in the US Army, 9 of them as an officer.

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