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Karl R. Oroz


Karl R. Oroz; CAMS, CFE, PI, EA spent 25 years with IRS Criminal Investigations. He is a trial experienced agent with case histories in tax, white-collar crime, money laundering, and Bank Secrecy Act violations. Several of these investigations were highlighted in the national media including an appearance on "60 minutes". Prior to retirement in 2001, he was the Director of the National CI Training Academy. Post-retirement positions have been with the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center with advanced money laundering responsibilities for both domestic and international programs. He was assigned in 2002 to the Office of the Undersecretary of the Treasury, Enforcement in the Terrorist Financing section. In 2003, Oroz was hired back by the US Treasury as a Law Enforcement Advisor with the Office of Technical Assistance. He has provided consultancy, advice and training in Kazakhstan, Botswana, Senegal,

Tanzania, Uruguay, Lithuania, the Caribbean and is the country advisor to Mongolia. He was recently contracted as a Compliance Officer with major international banks in New York, Chicago and Cleveland, supervising a Terrorist Financing and Money Laundering team.

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