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Frank Mckenna, Banking Expert

Frank McKenna

Frank McKenna is Co-Founder and Chief Fraud Strategist at BasePoint Analytics. Frank has worked with over 60 lenders, retail banks and credit card banks in creating effective strategies for fraud prevention. At BasePoint, Frank develops sophisticated pattern recognition technologies and scores for the mortgage and bankcard industries. Most recently he has spent time designing fraud solutions for the secondary market and creating standard review processes used at Due Diligence companies to vet out fraud risk from portfolio purchases.

Frank McKenna has developed fraud reduction strategies for some of the largest banks in the US, Canada and the UK. His strategies resulted in combined fraud reduction for these organizations of over 300 million in their first year. He has pioneered the use of optimization techniques to reduce fraud at point of sale and recoveries. Frank is a frequent speaker at industry and law enforcement conferences and regularly consults with the media regarding the latest fraud trends and stories.

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