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Natacha Alpert | 3D Printing Fashion Speaker

Natacha Alpert

Natacha Alpert has been in the footwear industry working creatively for fashion brands for the past 14 years with iconic brands including Nine West, Timberland, Reebok and Dr. Marten's. Since, Natacha has founded Miras3d, a consulting company focusing on the bringing together of fashion and innovation - building and consulting for iconic brands with a vision to create innovative products. After living overseas for many years, her aim is to bring cultural design cues and innovation to life on a global level. Recently focused on 3D printing in fashion, her main goal is to introduce new technologies to brands and consumers to help evolve production and design as we know it.

Natacha Alpert has been a guest speaker at several Global conferences- PI Innovation, Inside3d printing and NYC 3D print week where she will be curating the 3D print fashion show.

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