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Noel Perry, Transportation Guidelines Expert

Noel Perry

Noel Perry worked his way up through the heavy freight industry, beginning on a loading dock and culminating in his current role as a leading industry consultant. During his 45 year career he has worked for suppliers, railroads, truckers, barge and salt water vessel operators, and financial consultants.

Recognized as an authority in the heavy freight industry, Perry specializes in the fundamental trends in freight transport with an emphasis on data and statistical analysis.  His demand modeling fully quantified large areas of bulk and short haul transport for the first time in history.  And, he is the only analyst to quantify driver shortages and the specific effects of a wide variety of regulatory changes.  Working with his partners at FTR Associates, Perry forecasts loads, prices and productivity for the entire U.S. heavy freight market. 

Perry has been a member of the leading economic and freight transport research organizations, including the prestigious National Business Economist Issue Council.  He has appeared on the national media and is widely quoted in the business press.  He holds degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University (with Honors) and is a veteran of the Vietnam War.


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