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Save Money with Dispute Review Boards & Settlement Panels (CCL607B)

Presented by: Peter Merrill
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Pre Recorded Audio Conference
90 minutes
  •  Fri, May 6, 2011
Event Description

Learn How Advisory Opinions Can Prevent and Speed Dispute Resolution

Lawsuits can cost you big and devour your time. You need a low-cost, simple and speedy process to help prevent and settle disputes. Handle your dispute with an Expanded Dispute Review Board (EDRB) and you can completely settle your case — without costly delays or shut-downs.

An EDRB (along with a Construction Settlement Panel (CSP)) will lead you to a successful conclusion of your construction dispute by bringing all concerned parties into the process — and then preclude them from filing any lawsuits. Project owners and all parties involved in the construction project are virtually guaranteed an “in-house” settlement.

Learn more about how these new settlement dispute processes can free up your money and your time in this informative audioconference. Here is what you will learn:

  • How does an EDRB and a CSP work — and how and when to set them up.
  • Get the low down on EDRB and CSP expenses and compare them to traditional litigation costs.
  • Discover why the EDRB – CSP process is much less costly than traditional dispute resolution processes, including litigation
  • Find out why the EDRB – CSP process is much faster in settling disputes than through traditional arbitration or litigation utilizing the court system
  • See how much simpler the EDRB dispute resolution process is.
  • Learn how you can use the EDRB – CSP process for both residential and commercial construction projects
  • Find out why the EDRB – CSP process offers final and binding decisions for construction disputes that are more fair and equitable that those decisions rendered by the court system
  • See how simple it is to administer the entire EDRB – CSP process.

This exciting audioconference also offers you these practical, hands-on benefits:

  • You’ll learn how to form and implement an EDRB that is supported by a CSP.
  • You’ll receive — free of charge — many documents, forms and agreements that will help to facilitate the use of an EDRB and CSP.
  • You”ll receive colored flow charts that visually depict the EDRB dispute resolution process.

Who should attend:

  • Anyone involved in the construction industry including:
    • Project owners and supervisors
    • Large construction companies
    • Construction management firms
    • Company presidents
  • Legal counsels
  • Municipalities and government agencies that contract out construction projects
  • Individuals involved in the dispute resolution process
  • Insurance companies who provide construction liability insurance
  • Performance bonds Attorneys who represent construction companies, subcontractors, material suppliers and service providers
About Our Speaker(s)

Peter Merrill
Peter G. Merrill is the President and CEO of Construction Dispute Resolution Services, LLC (CRDS) headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Merill is the past president of the Santa Fe area Home Builders Association and was the 2000 president of the New Mexico Home Builders Association. He has a GB98 New Mexico Residen... More info

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    Event Title: Save Money with Dispute Review Boards & Settlement Panels
    Presenter(s): Peter Merrill

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