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Campus Threat Assessment Strategies for Schools & Higher Education Institutions (DFS461S)

Presented by: Michael Dorn
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60 minutes
Event Description
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Identify and Correct Gaps in School Threat Evaluation Based on Actual Attacks

While many profess that the risks of catastrophic acts of violence in schools and institutions of higher education have increased dramatically, the data is counter to some of these assertions. The recent series of terrorist events in the United States, warnings from federal law enforcement officials that the FBI and intelligence agencies are not capable of stopping all attacks, combined with emotive and alarmist media coverage of school shootings leaves many people with heightened levels of anxiety.

Such combination of factors made it possible to shut down one of the nation's largest school systems with a simple electronic threat. From notes scrawled on a bathroom wall to sophisticated electronic threat methodologies, it has never been easier for a single individual to cause fear for the safety of students with a single communication.

This session with expert speaker, Michael Dorn will provide you with practical advice for addressing these challenging situations. You will get a more comprehensive and accurate picture based on research. Coming from a practitioner's point of view rather than from the perspective of a researcher,  this presentation will draw on Michael's experience providing post-incident assistance for ten K-12 active shooter and targeted school shooting incidents in the U.S. and Canada as well as his experience in helping to successfully avert twelve planned school shootings and bombings. This segment will outline leading practices in this high-stakes and critical area.

You will be directed to a variety of free tools, web courses, training videos and a copy of a detailed after-action review of a student threat evaluation and active shooter incident provided with permission of the school district.

Session Highlights:

  • Debunking common notions about school and higher education violence incident rates.
  • Illustrating how many imminent school attacks have been successfully averted.
  • Get a better understanding of where your institution is in relation to leading practices in student threat evaluation.
  • Outlining the primary types of threat and attack methodologies used by terrorists against K-12 schools and colleges.
  • Actionable concepts that can be adapted to public, charter, Jewish, Christian, Muslim and independent schools and colleges.
  • Identify and correct gaps in threat evaluation based on actual attacks the presenter has been brought in to evaluate in the United States, Canada and Kenya.
  • Get to know about the real threats to schools and higher education institutions.
  • Student threat evaluation and management.
  • Evaluating and responding to anonymous threats of school violence.

Who should attend?

  • Higher education and school chief security officer, security directors, officers ,managers, supervisors
  • Higher education and school safety consultants, directors, officers ,managers, supervisors
  • Higher education and school chief risk officer and risk managers
  • Higher education and school system operations officers and business officers
  • Higher education and K12 school presidents, directors,  chief financial officer
  • Higher education and school board attorneys
  • Higher education and school superintendents
  • Higher education and school EHS, facilities, maintenance staff
  • Headmasters, chief financial officers, business officers and security directors for non-public schools
  • Higher education and school public information officers and communications directors
  • School principals
  • Higher education and school social workers, psychologists and counsellors
  • Higher education and school resource officers
  • Municipal police officers, sheriff's deputies and state police officers
  • Local, state and federal emergency managers
  • Local, state and federal homeland security personnel
About Our Speaker(s)

Michael Dorn | House School Safety SpeakerMichael Dorn
Michael Dorn is the Executive Director of Safe Havens International Inc., a non-profit school safety center. During his 25 year public safety career, Michael served as a campus police officer, school district police chief, School Safety Specialist for the State of Georgia and as the Lead Program Manager of the Terroris... More info

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    Event Title: Campus Threat Assessment Strategies for Schools & Higher Education Institutions
    Presenter(s): Michael Dorn

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