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Perimeter Security: Master Your First Line of Defense (DFS718C)

Presented by: Michael Khairallah
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Event Description

Learn to apply effective security controls—that keep the unwanted out!

As a professional whose job it is to protect personnel and company assets from damage and loss, you know how critical a smart, sound defense strategy is. Designing one begins with knowing the first-line vulnerabilities of your facility—and plugging those holes.

Join security systems consultant Michael Khairallah to learn how to identify access threats and secure the physical perimeters of your site. Relying on more 35 years of experience providing risk assessments and mitigating clients’ security threats, Khairallah will introduce you to vital methods and techniques for effectively securing your property and building perimeters.

You can’t prepare a defense for a threat you can’t foresee. Start here to learn how to get a firm grasp of your organization’s physical security risks—and how to protect against losses. After attending this training program, you’ll be better equipped to assess threats, apply the latest technologies to mitigate vulnerabilities, and ensure your first line of defense is secure.

Session Highlights

In this comprehensive session, you will learn how to:

  • Implement key strategies to protect your facility from unwanted personnel access
  • Assess physical perimeter threats
  • Uncover vulnerabilities at your site
  • Use new technologies to mitigate risks
  • Prioritize the role of response teams
  • Establish effective security protocols

Who Should Attend

  • Security Managers
  • Plant / General Managers
  • Anyone planning a security upgrade for their operation
  • Site security/facility managers and engineers
  • Architects involved with commercial building design
About Our Speaker(s)

Michael Khairallah | Physical Security SpeakerMichael Khairallah
Michael is a physical security systems consultant providing services to clients throughout the United States. Michael entered the security industry in 1980 as a Manufacturer's Representative for Cardkey Systems then founded Card Access Systems where he served as President and CEO for 17 years. He became an Independent ... More info

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    Event Title: Perimeter Security: Master Your First Line of Defense
    Presenter(s): Michael Khairallah

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