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Implementing Security in a Medical Marijuana Production Facility (DFSO62W)

Presented by: Brian Gouin
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Event Description

Unique Challenges in Securing a Medical Marijuana Production Facility and How to Achieve Security Compliance.

Securing a medical marijuana production facility has very unique challenges, even very different than other pharmaceutical facilities. These unique challenges require equally unique solutions. Preventing loss from both external and internal sources is important not just because of the financial implications for a particular company but for the industry as a whole that is working toward viability and mainstream acceptance.

Blending the culture of the marijuana industry, medical or otherwise, with the generally vigorous required security regulations is key to a successful loss prevention program for a facility. The fact that the product is a living plant also adds complications not seen in other industries. While some standard inventory controls can be utilized, others cannot. There are also varying thoughts about the level of security needed when it comes to the delivery of the product outside of the facility. Also, because of current industry banking issues, the handling of cash is an important security consideration.  All these issues must be addressed.

In this presentation, Brian Gouin, CSC, PSP will provide you with a better understanding of the unique challenges in securing a medical marijuana production facility. Learn why these challenges exist and get real world experiences in the introduction of security into the medical marijuana production culture. Also know how to navigate the issues when dealing with a live plant. In addition, get practical guidance on important topics such as inventory control, delivery, and cash handling.

This session will provide you critical knowledge you can use to either prepare yourselves for what to expect in the industry or to make adjustments to your existing programs for the betterment of your facility and the industry as a whole.

Session Highlights:

In this program you will gain a better understanding and answers to the following questions:

  • What are the unique challenges to securing a medical marijuana production facility?
  • Why are these facilities different than other pharmaceutical facilities?
  • Why is security so emphasized in the medical marijuana industry?
  • How does the medical marijuana culture affect adherence to security regulations?
  • What can be done to blend that culture with security regulations?
  • How does marijuana being a living plant affect security?
  • What inventory controls are and are not successful for marijuana?
  • What are the security options when it comes to product delivery?
  • What cash handling arrangements need to be made and why?
  • What security issues can I expect entering the medical marijuana industry?

Who Should Attend

  • Security professionals wanting to learn about the medical marijuana vertical market
  • Medical marijuana industry professionals including:
    • Compliance
    • HR
    • C-level
    • Security
    • Medical marijuana industry investors
    • Medical marijuana advocates
    • Related pharmaceutical manufacturers
    • Anyone interested in applying for a medical marijuana production facility license
About Our Speaker(s)

Brian Gouin | Security Program Cost Analysis SpeakerBrian Gouin
Brian Gouin is the owner of Strategic Design Services, LLC and an independent security consultant providing security risk assessment and security management services such as security personnel supervision, employee training, and ongoing security management operations. Brian also provides system design and project manag... More info

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    Event Title: Implementing Security in a Medical Marijuana Production Facility
    Presenter(s): Brian Gouin

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