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Active Shooters: Prevention and Preparation (DFS273E)

Presented by: Joe Rosner
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60 minutes
Event Description
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Assess and Mitigate the Risks of Violence in Your Workplace Including Active Shooters.

The instances of shootings in the workplace and victim totals are rising and rising fast. Prior to 2014, the US averaged less than 17 workplace shooting a year. But last year the recorded numbers were more than 260! Don’t let your organization become a part of one such statistical data! Protect your team with strategies, tactics and techniques that have become very critical today.

Join this online session by Joe Rosner, a nationally recognized expert on workplace violence and personal safety, to get more insights in assessing and mitigating the risks of violence in the workplace. You’ll learn the Who, What, Where and Why of workplace shooters. You will also learn why having plans, policies and procedures can greatly reduce the chances of an active shooter at your facility.

Further, you’ll get details about simple, effective tactics and techniques for surviving shooting events, including ways to stop shooting when they happen at the workplace from active shooters and other violence. This in a way is also a legal and moral obligation. Besides, it also makes plain good business sense to have a prevention and response plan for such incidents. A single incident of violence can cost you millions of dollars and even put you out of business.  Do you really want to risk having to explain to your boss, board of directors and/or victim families that you didn’t take steps because you saw little chance of success?

Session Highlights

  • Understand the scope and impact of harassment and workplace shootings
  • Recognize the profile and motivations of workplace shooters
  • Find best practices in preventing workplace shootings
  • Get an outline of the critical elements of policies and procedures for responding and reporting incidents of sexual harassment
  • Understand the employer’s responsibilities for preventing and responding to harassment
  • Identify the typology and profile of workplace shooters
  • Assess and mitigate the risk of violence in your workplace
  • Know when to run, hide or fight
  • Get a $2 item that can save lives
  • Train your people to know what to do when they don’t know what to do
  • Recognize the signs of impending violence
  • Learn strategies and techniques for “talking down” armed individuals
  • Learn unarmed self-defense techniques to put the odds in your favor

Who should attend

  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Executives
  • Anyone who manages and supervises employees
  • Anyone who supports those who do the supervision
About Our Speaker(s)

Joe Rosner | Workplace Violence & Self Defense SpeakerJoe Rosner
Joe's credentials include military, law enforcement, and bodyguard experience, multiple black belts, as well as growing up on the Southside of Chicago. He has authored a number of books on workplace violence and self-defense. Following the 9/11 tragedy, Joe left a successful career as a sales recruiter, manager, and tr... More info

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    Event Title: Active Shooters: Prevention and Preparation
    Presenter(s): Joe Rosner

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