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Creating Effective Tenant Selection Plans (AHA962B)

Presented by: Elaine Simpson
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75 minutes
  •  Tue, September 13, 2016
Event Description
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Review the HUD-required information that will make your Tenant Selection Plan easy to follow and enforce

HUD’s 4350.3 Handbook mandates that all property managers/owners create and make available to all prospects, residents, and HUD representatives a Tenant Selection Plan. The Tenant Selection Plan explains, provides for, and creates a fair process to help you avoid improperly selecting residents on a case-by-case basis and making judgment calls that could violate fair housing laws. Violations of fair housing laws can cost you your license—and you may be liable for expensive fines and/or damages.

In this session, expert speaker Elaine Simpson will review the HUD-required information as well as suggested requirements that will make your Tenant Selection Plan easy to follow and enforce—and that will reduce your noncompliance liability.

Session Highlights:

  • Why a good Tenant Selection Plan is essential for a community’s success
  • Information that is required to be included in your Tenant Selection Plan
  • The suggested, make-your-life-easier items to include in your Tenant Selection Plan
  • How to address waiting lists
  • How to describe your tenant denial and appeal process
  • How to outline your expectations of residents, their lease obligations, and your program requirements
  • How to keep your Tenant Selection Plan current and compliant

Key Takeaways

  • Understand how to use your Tenant Selection Plan as a tool to select good residents (i.e., those with stable jobs, good credit, and proven track records as responsible tenants )
  • A well-written, clear Tenant Selection Plan also protects the owner and management agent from ending up with troublemaking residents and/or fair housing   on their hands
  • Comprehend what specific information is required by HUD
  • Tips on what topics and information are highly recommended to be included in your Tenant Selection Plan to make your life and those at the site level lives easier

Who Should Attend

  • Developers
  • Owners
  • Management Agents
  • Site Staff
About Our Speaker(s)

Elaine Simpson | Housing Industry SpeakerElaine Simpson
Elaine Simpson has been employed in the housing industry since 1986. Starting on site as a leasing agent, she moved up, working as assistant manager, site manager, executive director and finally senior regional manager with communities in several states and portfolios containing more than 1400 units. Ms. Simpso... More info

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