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Rooftop Revenue Opp: Learn to Rent Your Roof for Antennas & More (AHA384U)

Presented by: Michael D. Bickford, MBA
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Pre Recorded Webinar
75 minutes
  •  Tue, March 20, 2018
Event Description
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What’s on Your Rooftop?

If you’re like most building owners and managers, you’re probably focused on generating revenue from the apartments, hotel rooms, or offices that you rent out. But what about all that vacant, unused space on your building’s rooftop? Don’t neglect the potential here. Building owners and managers are taking advantage of a lucrative trend: renting out their rooftops for a variety of uses including cell tower platforms and even solar power farms!

Learn how you too can cash in on rooftop revenue opportunities in this information-packed audio session. Join expert speaker Michael Bickford, MBA as he walks you through the tips and tricks to rooftop leasing. You’ll learn the steps you can take today to make your rooftops more marketable—as well as everything you need to know about the rooftop leasing process.

AT&T Wireless has announced that it will increase spending on network capital improvements including new antenna leases in 2018 – get your share of that money for your building!

After attending this educational session, you will be well equipped to turn to rooftop leasing for extra, recurring revenue. You’ll get the tools to understand how all the moving parts come together to make you more money.

Session Highlights

This program will teach you how to:

  • Understand all the nuts-and-bolts of rooftop leasing.
  • Identify potential tenants for your rooftop.
  • Gauge whether your building is a good prospect for generating rooftop revenue.
  • Determine how much to charge rooftop tenants each month.
  • Unlock the 5 secrets to successful rooftop leasing.
  • Improve your chances in securing rooftop revenue.
  • Get started on the 5 things you can do today to improve your rooftop leasing success.

Who Should Attend

  • Affordable housing managers, asset managers, COOs, CFOs, IT
  • Commercial building owners, managers, asset managers, CTOs, IT, CFOs
  • Hotel building owners, managers, asset managers, CTOs, IT, CFOs
  • Healthcare IT managers, owners, asset managers, CTOs, IT, CFOs
  • Builders
  • Safety managers
  • Property owners
About Our Speaker(s)

Michael D. Bickford MBA
Michael D. Bickford, MBA is a rooftop marketing and management expert with 20 years of professional experience. Currently, he is the founder and president of American Site Management, LLC, a national specialty real estate firm, focused on leasing and management of telecom leases. In this capacity, he markets rooftop lo... More info

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    Event Title: Rooftop Revenue Opp: Learn to Rent Your Roof for Antennas & More
    Presenter(s): Michael D. Bickford, MBA

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