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REAC 101 Inspection Training: Avoid Noncompliance Penalties (AHAO18A)

Presented by: Hank Vanderbeek, MPA, CMI
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60 minutes
  •  Thu, October 18, 2018
Event Description
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1.0 CPE

Get a Peek ‘Behind the Curtain’ of REAC Inspector Training

Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) inspectors make mistakes – it’s true. And sometimes these mistakes can cause you unfair failing score, more frequent inspections, and even costly penalties. There are substantial penalties for Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS) noncompliance, but REAC does not always follow its own policies and its inspectors apply the rules inconsistently. So what can you do?

Learn how to better prepare for REAC inspections and get a high score without breaking your budget in this information-packed instructional session by housing expert Hank Vanderbeek.

Find out what REAC inspectors learn about difficult-to-apply defects and how to use that information to your advantage – so you can avoid losing points unnecessarily and spending money where you don’t have to. Get a peek “behind the curtain” at the actual training that REAC inspectors receive, including the training photos that REAC uses to retrain its inspectors.

The lessons in this session will help you save money by properly prioritizing repairs and mitigating high-point defects. Plus, you’ll learn how to battle REAC inspector errors and file a successful appeal. You’ll walk away with the tools to ace your next inspection and avoid expensive penalties for UPCS noncompliance.

Session Highlights

This program will teach you:

  • What conditions REAC inspectors have difficulty identifying as defects, so you can protect yourself from erroneous deficiency citations.
  • Important rule interpretations related to erosion, vegetation, doors, walls, and more.
  • How the rule interpretations can affect your score.
  • The Non-Industry Standard Repair policy for various defects.
  • The most cited inspection items, so you can prioritize repairs when you have a tight budget.
  • Current information on what REAC Supervisory Inspectors are telling REAC Inspectors about interpreting and applying important defects.

Who Should Attend

  • Housing Management
  • Owners
  • Property Managers
  • Maintenance Supervisors
  • Support Staff
About Our Speaker(s)

Hank Vanderbeek | REAC Inspection training SpeakerHank Vanderbeek MPA, CMI
Hank Vanderbeek owns and manages a commercial and residential property inspection company since 2001, and has conducted inspections on thousands of residential and commercial properties for: HUD as a former Certified REAC Inspector, insurance companies, banks and home buyers. He authored several books and numerous art... More info

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    Event Title: REAC 101 Inspection Training: Avoid Noncompliance Penalties
    Presenter(s): Hank Vanderbeek, MPA, CMI

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