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Investigate & Resolve EIV Discrepancies (AHA4304)

Presented by: Mary A. Colon
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Pre Recorded Audio Conference
75 minutes
  •  Tue, April 2, 2013
Event Description

Avoid system errors and live up to HUD’s compliance expectations with this expert advice

Register now for this 75-minute on-demand audio session in which our expert speaker, MARY A. COLON, will discuss the fundamentals of Enterprise Income Verification (EIV), untangle current system discrepancies, and put you on the road to headache-free compliance.

HUD expects you to be versed in the latest EIV requirements—even though it continues to make significant updates to the system without offering guidance. If you have noticed discrepancies in the EIV reports, are confused about how to address them, and want to bone up on your—and your site staff’s—EIV knowledge, this is your chance.

This insightful strategy session will teach you to:

  • Process EIV summary and income reports
  • Properly document income calculation
  • Clear up income discrepancies in a timely manner
  • Avoid incorrect identity information
  • Use HUD Notice 2011-21 and understand when to reference the 4350.3 Occupancy Handbook
  • Carry out ongoing training and familiarization of EIV within HUD secure systems
  • And lot more!!

This presentation is appropriate for owners and agents of multifamily properties, approved multifamily coordinators, EIV users within HUD secure systems, and non-users who have signed the rules of behavior and have access to EIV reports.

Don’t risk costly noncompliance. After attending this audio presentation, you will better understand EIV reporting, how to resolve EIV discrepancies, and how to ensure that your office is EIV compliant. The program will provide real-world strategies culled from case studies—using examples of both successful EIV use and problematic uses. The program will also include a question and answer session to provide further actual scenarios not all covered in EIV.

About Our Speaker(s)

Mary A. Colon, Public Housing & Compliance ExpertMary A. Colon
Mary A. Colon has been a Senior Compliance Analyst at U.S. Housing Consultants since 2009 and is well versed on various HUD and LIHTC issues. Her consulting responsibilities include but are not limited to: EIV and Reasonable Accommodations training and consulting, Contract Rent Renewal processing, assistance in... More info

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