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Conflict Management - How to Handle Hostile, Hazardous Residents; The Importance of Resolving Conflict! (AHA773H)

Presented by: Anne Sadovsky, CSP, CAM, CAPS
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90 minutes
  •  Thu, July 13, 2017
Event Description
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Build Your Team and Keep Your Residents with Conflict Management!

As long as there has been life on this planet there has been conflict; from the dinosaurs and cave men, cowboys and Indians, different religions, husbands and wives, employers and employees, and political parties. However, conflict today seems to be more the usual than the occasional challenge. 

Modern day Americans have higher ‘deserve levels’, shorter fuses and are more outspoken. Add the increasing use of profanity, lack of respect for others and we often find ourselves in all out wars.  The result? Loss of valuable time and productivity, stress caused physical symptoms, the emotional roller coaster, lost relationships, legal fees, and unhappy, complaining customers who just might stop doing business with us.

In this session by expert speaker Anne Sadovsky, you will understand how personalities, generational differences and certain behaviors create conflict in Multi-family properties. You will learn to use a ‘talking stick’ while counseling/arbitrating those in disagreement. In this training on Conflict management, dedicated to multi-family property management, you’ll also learn to recognize that communication is the solution to most disagreements and learn words that should never be used to team members and customers/clients.

Session Highlights

  • Save residents and team members through conflict resolution
  • View conflict as an opportunity rather than a burden
  • How to be a successful mediator
  • Managing ourselves and set good examples
  • Use common sense to reach win/win solutions
  • Increase the bottom line by working in harmony

Session Objectives

  • Cut the cost of conflict in every area of your business
  • Get working relationships back in place
  • Lose an adversarial attitude
  • Communicate and understand
  • Foster dignity and respect
  • Encourage others to peacefully handle their own disputes

Who Should Attend?

  • Property owners
  • Multifamily Housing Professionals
  • Property managers
  • Site managers
  • Maintenance staff
  • Tenant association members
  • Team leaders
  • Judges and Court system employees
About Our Speaker(s)

Anne Sadovsky | Fair Housing SpeakerAnne Sadovsky CSP, CAM, CAPS
In January 2018, Anne Sadovsky will celebrate her 50th year in Multifamily Housing.  She travels nationally; training, entertaining and educating property management teams. Not only does she specialize in fair housing, she is a popular humorist and keynote speaker.  Anne is a former VP of Marketing and Education f... More info

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    Event Title: Conflict Management - How to Handle Hostile, Hazardous Residents; The Importance of Resolving Conflict!
    Presenter(s): Anne Sadovsky, CSP, CAM, CAPS

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