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New REAC Inspection Rule Changes and What Do They Mean (AHA861W)

Presented by: Hank Vanderbeek, MPA, CMI
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Pre Recorded Webinar
60 minutes
Event Description
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Get an Overview of the REAC Inspection Process and New Rule Changes

The webinar by expert speaker Hank Vanderbeek, MPA, CMI will cover an overview of the REAC inspection process from the mission and goals of the agency charged with conducting the inspections to the pre-inspection inspector rules of conduct and protocols to the structure of a REAC inspection, the ways the property can properly prepare for the inspection. It also covers the items that are most important in preparing for the inspection with photos of actual defects. Scoring structure is touched on to impart a basic understanding of the process REAC utilizes to generate a score for the inspection, and lastly it presents the recent rule changes.

Effective July 5, 2016 REAC inspectors can cite anything they want as a defect—whether it’s broken or not. This new change simply throws the inspection rules out the window.

This puts millions of housing communities at high risk of low scores and penalties during a REAC inspection.  The U.S. housing industry is in a shock following this new rule.

This is an overview program that covers a wide range of topics quickly that are usually reserved for a full day of training, to be followed up by a second seminar, REAC Inspections Overview II for a more detailed coverage of the subjects and an even better analyzing of the role of the property in preparing properly and thoroughly for the REAC inspection without breaking the bank, and to have full understanding of important appeals rights.

Session Highlights:

  • One implication of the new rule in essence REAC will not allow a temporary repair.  It is either fixed for the long term, and fixed right in the judgment of some clueless inspector who can't even tell the difference between a brick and an asphalt driveway, or it is recorded as a defect.
  • This Webinar will cover the new rule, implications and how to prevent for REA inspections. Do not miss this watershed Webinar.  REAC has gone off the deep end, your need to know is critical to your continued success in this Government program. 
  • REAC has decided after 18 years that shoddy repairs are done only done to  pass in order to pass a REAC inspection, and is not taking this "abuse" any longer, so its punishing everyone.
  • Inspectors can now ignore the REAC inspection protocol and cite anything that they can classify as repaired improperly. 
  • And the appeal burden of proof is higher than for a capital murder: documentation that the repair was accords to industry standards, and a professional opinion from a subject matter expert.
  • REAC is apparently taking this action without industry input and Congressional approval.
  • What is the Code of Conduct expected of REAC Inspectors
  • What is the expected REAC inspection protocol
  • What are the May 23, 2016 rule changes and what do they mean
  • What are the important deficiencies
  • What units will REAC inspect
  • What is the new bed bug policy
  • What are the higher point value deficiencies
  • Where should resources be focused in preparing for an inspection

Key Takeaways:

  • You will come away with an appreciation with why REAC conducts inspections
  • You will be much better prepared to get a high score on your next REAC inspection
  • You’ll learn how to prepare for REAC inspections for less money
  • You will have an understanding of where to find and interpret REAC rules

Who Should Attend

  • Top management -  know what’s at stake and avoid costly mistakes
  • Property managers - prepare for an inspection to “please” the inspector
  • Maintenance supervisors - learn where to focus resources
  • Support staff - to better understand everyone’s role in the process
About Our Speaker(s)

Hank Vanderbeek | REAC Inspection training SpeakerHank Vanderbeek MPA, CMI
Hank Vanderbeek owns and manages a commercial and residential property inspection company since 2001, and has conducted inspections on thousands of residential and commercial properties for: HUD as a former Certified REAC Inspector, insurance companies, banks and home buyers. He authored several books and numerous art... More info

Disclaimer: The content herein do not represent any association between HUD and AudioSolutionz. HUD neither endorses any product of AudioSolutionz nor warrants accuracy of the content hereto.
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    Event Title: New REAC Inspection Rule Changes and What Do They Mean
    Presenter(s): Hank Vanderbeek, MPA, CMI

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