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Oil-Gas Field Waste Water and Sludge-What Can Be Done (ONG561J)

Presented by: Stanislov Krapivnik
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60 minutes
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Waste Water Use in the O&G Industry—Business Opportunities and Environmental Threats

Did you know that the average non-Conventional well uses up to 5 million gallons of water in its operational lifespan? What about conventional wells? What is water used for in Conventional and None-Conventional drilling and are there ways to reduce water usage? Where is the water coming from, especially when drilling in arid places? Will this cause draughts? How much of water is needed and what additives are used? Can these additives seep into the water table? Once the water has been used what are the responsibilities and procedures of the drillers in disposing and or treating of the water? How can the water be treated or disposed off? Are waste water wells the solution or should drillers clean or recycle the water? What technological trends are being developed to deal with this issue? What ethical and or environmental problems are posed and what laws govern these actions?

Join this session by expert speaker Stanislov Krapivnik to get answers to all the above questions. Understand the issues surrounding water use in the oil and gas industry. Know in what state the water will come out, what are the hazards posed, and what methods can be used to clean, recycle and or dispose of the water. You will understand what business opportunities abound in this niche of the oil and gas market and what dangers are posed to the environment.

Session Highlights:

  1. How is water used for in Conventional Drilling?
  2. How is water used in Non-Conventional Drilling?
  3. What types of chemical contaminates can be found in the Waste Water?
  4. What are the traditional manners of disposal of waste water?
  5. What dangers are associated with water wells and pumping waste water underground?
  6. What methods of recycling and cleaning are available?
  7. How do the water cleaning methods stack up in quality and cost?
  8. What technological trends are in the works?
  9. What legal trends and or laws are being developed to further regulate the use and disposal of waste water?
  10. Where does the water come from and can it cause environmental issues by its diversion?

Who Should Attend

Managers, business executives and entrepreneurs interested in this specialized but critical and publically visible niche of the oil and gas industry. Investors will also learn what investment opportunities new technologies are creating for them.

About Our Speaker(s)

Stanislov Krapivnik | Supply Chain SpeakerStanislov Krapivnik
Stanislov Krapivnik is a senior supply chain professional with 12 years in supply chain, 10 of which were in oilfield and oilfield manufacturing. Presently, he is the Operations Director and founding partner in OPKO, a Moscow based Supply Chain and Localization consultancy and the head of project procurement on a major... More info

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    Event Title: Oil-Gas Field Waste Water and Sludge-What Can Be Done
    Presenter(s): Stanislov Krapivnik

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