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Managing Large Documents in Microsoft Word 2013 (MSW661E)

Presented by: Mitzi Gibson Katz
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Pre Recorded Webinar
60 minutes
  •  Thu, June 9, 2016
Event Description
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Get Step-By-Step Instructions for Building and Managing Large Word Documents Using Automation Features

We use Word daily, but we don’t know what we don’t know.  Many who are self-taught have gaps in their knowledge.  In addition, Word 2013 and 2016 have new features that will take your word processing capabilities to a new level! 

This webinar by expert speaker Mitzi Gibson Katz will cover the new features in Ms Word and teach you how to manage large documents the automation features in Word 2013 and 2016.

You’ll learn to automate the process of formatting, creating and manipulating large Word documents with features like automatic indexing, navigation pane, section breaks, cross-references, styles, bookmarks, using footnotes, Table of Authorities and Table of Figures, automatic Table of Contents and more. The challenge is to leave behind the manual method and move forward with the automation.

The webinar contains detailed slides and speaker notes to include step-by-step instructions for building and managing large Word documents using automation features. Mitzi will use shortcuts and provide expert tips and techniques. Learning the details of the techniques associated with these features will provide a method for working with future large documents.  You’ll be able to create a template that can be reused to build new reports.

Session Highlights:

  • How to use word in dealing with formatting; behind the scenes in word
  • Create and apply Automatic styles for Formatting and Automatic Table of Contents
  • How to manage an Automatic Table of Contents
  • Two methods of creating and formatting an Automatic Index in Word
  • Untangle complex footers and headers
  • Section Breaks – When, Why, How (and How Not!)
  • Set the Tables – Figures and Authorities
  • Learn Your Way Around Footnotes, Bookmarks, Cross-references, Navigation Pane
  • Create a Template for Future Masterpieces!

Who Should Attend

  • Writers
  • Editors
  • Office administrators
  • legal personnel
  • Government office personnel responsible for creating and managing large documents and reports
About Our Speaker(s)

Mitzi Gibson Katz | Computer Technology Training SpeakerMitzi Gibson Katz
Mitzi Gibson Katz has trained thousands of end-users and developed curriculum for over 25 years. Mitzi holds a Master's degree in Education with an emphasis in special education classroom and administration. After teaching a variety of special education classes in Kansas, Montana and Alaska for the early part of her ca... More info

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    Event Title: Managing Large Documents in Microsoft Word 2013
    Presenter(s): Mitzi Gibson Katz

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