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Designing PowerPoint Slides Like a Pro

Presented by: Ellen Finkelstein
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Pre Recorded Audio Conference
60 minutes
  •  Tue, September 18, 2007
Event Description

PowerPoint Users: Discover design secrets that will set your presentations above all the rest!

Are your PowerPoint presentations effective? Do they clearly convey your message and engage your audience? Or, are you guilty of creating boring and confusing slides? It seems like it should be easy to pick out what to avoid when crafting a PowerPoint presentation. After all, you’ve endured yawn-inducing presentations and suffered through slides that seem specifically designed to make your eyes drop. But when it comes time to design your own, it’s easy to fall into the same traps without even realizing it.

Fortunately, presentation and PowerPoint expert, Ellen Finkelstein is here to help. Join her as she reveals techniques guaranteed to turn your next presentation from “Ho-Hum” to “Professional”!

This interactive, 60-minute web conference shows you how anybody can create effective, great-looking slides, regardless of your design skills. And let’s face it, if your audience can’t bear to look at your slides, chances are they won’t get your full message. Find out what you need to know now and get ahead of the game!

  • Secrets of the pros that save time and create quality results.
  • Best practices for fonts and colors. Learn which ones look best, and which ones to avoid.
  • 5 surefire backgrounds you can customize on your own.
  • Layout techniques that always look good, even if you are not an artist.
  • 7 steps to better images.
  • Ditch the bullets — and improve your presentations at the same time!
  • Present charts, tables and diagrams that people can actually understand.
  • And much, much more!
About Our Speaker(s)

Ellen Finkelstein | Microsoft Powerpoint Tips SpeakerEllen Finkelstein
Ellen Finkelstein has been using PowerPoint since 1996. She is the author of How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, published by McGraw-Hill/Osborne (and earlier editions for PowerPoint 2002 and 2003). She maintains a website of free PowerPoint tips, where you're invited to sign up for her free Pow... More info

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