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Outlook for Entrepreneurs: Small Firms, Law and Accounting Offices (OUTD18A)

Presented by: Karla Brandau, CSPPS
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Pre Recorded Webinar
60 minutes
  •  Mon, December 10, 2018
Event Description
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Unleash the Power of Microsoft Outlook to Turbo Boost Your Business!

As the head of your company, you know how much the Outlook software costs to install on every computer. And if your employees are using it only for email, they are leaving 80-85 percent of the power of Outlook unused. A lot will be added to that monetary cost when you realize the wasted efforts and loss of productivity due to your employees' lack of knowledge of Microsoft Outlook.

Learn fool-proof organization with the productivity features of Microsoft Outlook in this informative webinar by time-management and team-productivity guru Karla Brandau. Master the magic tricks, features, and benefits of Microsoft Outlook that can help you and your employees use that untouched 85 percent and make your small business more productive and thus more profitable.  

After attending this webinar, you will know how to pack your day with greater productivity by organizing your private work time; your office staff meetings, and your interactions with employees, and still have the time to think. Plus, you’ll be equipped with more ammunition to keep your company moving forward in today’s hypercompetitive marketplace.

Session Objectives

In this integrated approach to the Outlook folders, you will learn how to:

  • Turn urgent requests coming to you via email into tasks or calendar items
  • Use the calendar to manage the daily work flow and keep track of sensitive deadlines
  • Estimate the time tasks take and complete work in the set time frames
  • Use the tasks folder to organize complex work requests
  • Use categories to sort information in all folders, calendar, contacts, tasks, and email

You will be given a tutorial on using the Tasks features of Microsoft Outlook to:

  • Prioritize tasks
  • Create new folders for complex tasks related to specific projects
  • Make deadlines visible and ensure assignments do not slip through the cracks
  • Assign tasks

With this instruction, the daily avalanche of email becomes manageable as you learn how to:

  • Quickly sort and prioritize email
  • Use flags
  • Use expanded click and drag techniques
  • Use Quick Steps
  • Use Outlook Today

With this Outlook instruction, you can be assured nothing slips through the cracks, and each team member will be accountable for their tasks.

Who Should Attend

  • Computer and Information Systems managers
  • Team leaders
  • Project managers
  • Engineering managers
  • Office administrators
  • HR managers
  • General managers
  • Operations managers
  • Manufacturing managers
  • Owners
  • Partners
  • Associates
  • Directors
About Our Speaker(s)

Karla Brandau | Outlook Time Management Tips SpeakerKarla Brandau CSPPS
Karla Brandau is a leading authority on time management and team productivity in the workplace. She specializes in combining the power of time management with technology, especially using Microsoft Outlook as a tool to help individuals “get it all done” in less time. She is the CEO of Workplace Power Institute (www... More info

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    Event Title: Outlook for Entrepreneurs: Small Firms, Law and Accounting Offices
    Presenter(s): Karla Brandau, CSPPS

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