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Writing Focused, Credible and Authoritative Audit Reports (MSO761H)

Presented by: Philip Vassallo, Ed.D
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Pre Recorded Webinar
100 minutes
Event Description

Master the Art of Writing Focused, Credible and Authoritative Audit Reports!

The Code of Ethics of the Institute of Internal Auditors upholds integrity, confidentiality, objectivity and objectivity as the foundation of credible internal audits. Auditors have access to many resources to ensure that the audit process meets the standards consistent with regulatory requirements and the best interests of the auditee.

The credibility of a compliance certification emerges in the writing and does not occur merely at the point of observation. Auditors have to face many challenges when developing an audit report. Their aim is to clearly articulate a comprehensive review process, valid and reliable criteria, conditions logically linked to causes, relevant and risks, and beneficial recommendations-all with an objective style.

Simply listing the four elements of a finding (criteria, condition, cause and effect) cannot justify a good audit report - even adding the fifth element (recommendation) maybe insufficient. A boilerplate approach to audit writing is not conducive to independent, critical thinking - in fact it undermines the entire audit process. Such an approach ultimately tarnishes the credibility of the auditor. Skilled auditors require a method that aligns what they experienced during the reviewing process with what they compose during the writing process.

In this webinar, get the best know-how to writing focused, credible and effective audit reports from expert speaker Philip Vasallo, Ed.D., who uses results from his books on business writing and his decades of consulting to audit generals, lead auditors and junior auditors from diverse industries.

Session Highlights:

  • Determining factors affecting the validity and reliability of a finding
  • Assessing the appropriate level of detail
  • Creating a department-specific template to facilitate the writing process
  • Drafting work papers based on objective observations
  • Employing formatting devices to improve the visual appeal of an audit report
  • Choosing fluent sentence structure to illuminate ideas
  • Developing a precise, clear, concise vocabulary for documenting audit reports
  • Review a case study to illustrate each element of an audit checklist with a close focus on objective reporting.


  • Get insightful and useful tools that auditors can use when noting audit observations, drafting objective work papers, and composing well-structured, detailed, and fluent audit reports.
  • Uncoverproblems of ensuring validity and reliability of findings and determining root cause.
  • Organize audit content based on time-tested principles of structure.
  • Learn about the two pillars of writing style: syntax (word order) and diction (word choice)-each of which poses numerous pitfalls that can compromise the integrity and objectivity of an audit report.
  • Review understandable, pertinent examples from various auditing disciplines, you will learn how to remedy the greatest roadblocks to clear thinking through writing and cultivate a convincing, authoritative style.
  • Get excellent resources that you can continually turn to during intense, complex audit engagements.

Who Should Attend

This webinar will provide valuable assistance to junior:

  • Cost auditors
  • External auditors
  • Forensic auditors
  • Internal auditors
  • Consultant auditors
About Our Speaker(s)

Philip Vassallo | Writing & Presentation Skills WebinarsPhilip Vassallo Ed.D
Philip Vassallo has developed, delivered, and supervised communication training programs for a wide range of managerial, administrative, and technical professionals in corporate, government, and academic environments. He has also taught writing and presentation skills on the graduate and undergraduate university levels... More info

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    Event Title: Writing Focused, Credible and Authoritative Audit Reports
    Presenter(s): Philip Vassallo, Ed.D

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