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Integrate Microsoft Office 2016: Learn to Share Data Across Applications (MSOO18B)

Presented by: Mitzi Gibson Katz
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Event Description

Boost Your Efficiency in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote & Access

Do you waste hours importing Excel data into Word or research notes from Word into PowerPoint slides? Do you wish you could easily send formatted meeting minutes from OneNote through Outlook? Most Microsoft Office users aren’t using the powerful automatic merging feature to move data across different applications—but you can! And it’s not hard to learn.

In this information-packed webinar, Microsoft Office expert Mitzi Katz shows you how to create a comprehensive, two-way integrated experience so that you can manage tasks, back and forth, among all Office applications. For instance, you can learn to create amazing handouts by sharing your PowerPoint speaker notes with Word—and also link them to OneNote.

After attending this audio event, you’ll know how to easily and efficiently share information across Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and Access. Katz will introduce you to direct paths within your Microsoft Office system so that you quickly see an increase in your efficiency and productivity.

Session Highlights

In this how-to session, you’ll learn to:

  • Integrate Excel data and charts with PowerPoint for automated link updates
  • Link or embed data across applications (and learn which option to use when)
  • Understand the many facets of copy, paste & paste special (and when to use which)
  • Create Excel data within Word and link Excel data into Word
  • Understand Excel’s Get Data functionality
  • Use Word to create PowerPoint presentations automatically
  • Use PowerPoint to create handouts and/or speaker notes in Word automatically
  • Manage Office integration with OneNote, and OneNote with all of Office
  • Apply 2-way integration between Outlook and OneNote
  • Maximize the power of both Access and Excel – long-time friends

Who Should Attend

All professionals who regularly rely on Microsoft Office applications, including:

  • Directors & Managers
  • Consultants
  • Office Administrators
About Our Speaker(s)

Mitzi Gibson Katz | Computer Technology Training SpeakerMitzi Gibson Katz
Mitzi Gibson Katz has trained thousands of end-users and developed curriculum for over 25 years. Mitzi holds a Master's degree in Education with an emphasis in special education classroom and administration. After teaching a variety of special education classes in Kansas, Montana and Alaska for the early part of her ca... More info

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    Event Title: Integrate Microsoft Office 2016: Learn to Share Data Across Applications
    Presenter(s): Mitzi Gibson Katz

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