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Mastering Excel Formatting Techniques (IME340C)

Presented by: Dennis Taylor
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Pre Recorded Webinar
60 minutes
  •  Thu, March 27, 2014
Event Description
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Learn The Fastest Ways To Add Formatting Features To Your Worksheets

Excel has a variety of formatting tools and techniques, as well as many shortcuts that let you invigorate a worksheet, provide emphasis for selected cells, and present information in a lively and informative way. A worksheet filed with numbers, however valuable, can be boring and lifeless; but an attractive worksheet gives your data the attention it deserves. By adjusting fonts, borders, and cell color, adjusting the positioning of cell contents, and formatting numeric data, you can and add style and readability to worksheets. You can waste a great deal of time if you don’t know the many shortcuts and techniques that accelerate your formatting tasks. You can take the drudgery out of formatting data if you learn vital keystroke shortcuts and the fastest, most efficient ways to optimize a worksheet’s appearance. Learn the nuances of Excel formatting, with this webinar by Dennis Taylor.

You will learn the quickest and best ways to create format worksheets, including these capabilities:

  • How to instantly apply currency, number, date, time, and scientific formats
  • How to insert and delete columns, rows, and cells with speed and assurance
  • How to quickly switch between condensed data (the important stuff) and expanded view (the details)
  • How to use angled or vertical text displays for variety and greater readability
  • How to choose which data to emphasize by hiding and revealing rows and columns
  • How to maximize your use of Conditional Formatting to make significant data stand out
  • How to create your own custom formats for dates, times, phone numbers, and more
  • How to instantly access the critical Format Cells dialog box
  • How to use keystroke shortcuts for strikethrough, borders, and underlining
  • How to instantly display Print Preview
  • How to set up double-spaced printing with just a few clicks
  • How to convert data into a table and gain valuable formatting features
  • How to adjust multiple column-widths and row-heights in a flash
  • How to convert charts into pictures and add dazzling formatting features

Session highlights:

  • Use keystroke shortcuts for most of the important numeric formats
  • Use Conditional Formatting – a myriad of tools to add emphasis and focus to worksheets
  • Learn multiple tools and techniques for copying formats
  • Convert database type lists into Tables for greater visual control
  • Learn the fastest ways to add formatting features to your worksheets
  • Create custom formats and quickly access built-in formats

Who should attend:

Any Excel user who is needs to be familiar with the most effective and efficient formatting tools.

About Our Speaker(s)

Dennis Taylor | Microsoft Excel SpeakerDennis Taylor
Dennis Taylor has taught thousands of Excel seminars and classes since the early 90's, is the author/presenter of over 250 Excel webinars, and authored the book Teach Yourself Microsoft Excel 2000. He has taught hundreds of public Excel seminars in the US and Canada since 2006 and has recorded over 100 Excel courses bo... More info

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    Event Title: Mastering Excel Formatting Techniques
    Presenter(s): Dennis Taylor

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