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Functions, Named Ranges, Goalseek, Linking and Auditing In Excel (IME961T)

Presented by: Roman Kondratiuk
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Event Description
2.0 CPE

Work Efficiently With Excel Formulas and Functions—Learn Versatile Calculation and Analysis Techniques

To work efficiently with formulas and functions you must start with clear understanding, good habits, and application of correct structure and syntax. Understand and work effectively with fundamental and versatile calculation and analysis techniques in Excel. This presentation effectively demonstrates examples of formulas and specific functions, providing the perspective you need to understand the depth and scope of these Excel features.

Gaining this knowledge is a highly marketable skill set in Excel and is vital in a wide range of professions and fields, including accounting, financial analysis, government and business administration.

This informative and value-packed webinar by expert speaker Roman Kondratiuk will help your team boost efficiency and maximize your ‘return on investment’ in MS Office. During the session, Roman will also give an overview of comprehensive step-by-step learner guide and exercise files, for which he will conduct demonstrations and practice exercises. Plus, he will share productivity techniques, tips and shortcuts, and will answer any related queries during the Q&A session.

Session Highlights:

  • PMT – calculate loan repayments with ease
  • Key text functions – cleanse data from external sources
  • Key Date functions – use dates in calculations
  • Formula auditing – manage, trace and correct formulas
  • Round Function – round numbers to a specified number of digits
  • Defined Names – use named ranges to automate function building
  • Names for constant values in functions
  • Goalseek – find results by varying an input value
  • Link between worksheets and workbooks

Session Benefits

  • Use formulas and key functions with improved confidence and consistency
  • Improve job satisfaction, team performance and professionalism
  • Impress your management, peers and clients
  • Advance all co-workers using MS Office to a consistent standard
  • Maximize your technology investment performance

Who should attend?

  • Accounting
  • Banking
  • Business Analysis
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Investment
  • Management
  • Statistics
  • Valuation
About Our Speaker(s)

Roman Kondratiuk | Microsoft Management Training SpeakerRoman Kondratiuk
Since 1995 Roman Kondratiuk has delivered expert training and consulting, through to advanced levels, to over 10,000 end-users in a wide range of Microsoft applications including Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project, Word, Outlook, Visio and Publisher. Roman’s professional and relaxed style reflects his thorough unders... More info

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