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Excel PivotTables: Using Excel's Best Analytical Feature (IMEN61Z)

Presented by: Dennis Taylor
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Pre Recorded Webinar
60 minutes
  •  Tue, November 1, 2016
Event Description
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Master PivotTables to Get the Best of Excel’s Analytical Feature!

Sorting and filtering are among a variety of tools that Excel equips itself with, to manage large lists of data. However, if your purpose is to analyze all that data and be quick at that, PivotTables are a unanimous choice. A compact summary report (based on tons of data) can be quickly created, and you don’t need to rely on either lengthy techniques or write complex formulas. Perhaps on the best analytical tool is PivotTable and it provides you amazing flexibility and dynamism other than speed, which lets you quickly change the data interrelationships you’re viewing.

Most users of the PivotTable discover that the feature is easily learned. However, it’s not that easy to only simply look at instructions on a printed page and operate – rather you have to use this visually-oriented feature on the basis of displaying fields in different locations. It is amazing to find how little time it takes to write complex formulas and rely on obscure technologies.

Join this session by expert speaker Dennis Taylor to learn PivotTable, Excel’s best analytical feature, better. Know how to compare two or more fields in various style layouts, sort and filter results, perform information ad-hoc grouping etc. The session will also help you use Slicers rather than filters if you want to find out which field elements are displayed. You will understand the process of drilling down to see details behind summary and know how to create a Pivot Chart which is in sync with a PivotTable.

The webinar will explain how to categorize date/time data in multiple levels and add calculated fields to perform additional analysis. You’ll learn to hide/reveal information with a single click, deal with dynamic source data, ‘refresh’ concepts and create PivotTables based on data from multiple worksheets.

Session Highlights:

You will learn the quickest and best ways to create PivotTables and Pivot Charts, including these capabilities:

  • Comparing two or more fields in a variety of layout styles
  • Filtering and sorting results
  • Performing ad-hoc grouping of information
  • Using Slicers instead of filters to identify which field elements are being displayed
  • Drilling down to see the details behind the summary
  • Categorizing date/time data in multiple levels
  • Creating a Pivot Chart that is in sync with a PivotTable
  • Adding calculated fields to perform additional analysis
  • Revealing/hiding detail/summary information with a simple click
  • Dealing with dynamic source data and the “refresh” concept
  • Creating a PivotTable based on data from multiple worksheets
  • Preparing for data to be analyzed by PivotTables, a pre-requisite for source data
  • Using minimum number of steps to create a PivotTable, that includes the recommended option of PivotTables now available in Excel 2013
  • How to manipulate PivotTable appearance by commanding and dragging techniques
  • New Timeline feature in Excel 2013
  • Best updating techniques of PivotTables

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone familiar with many of Excel’s features, but who might have had little or no experience with using PivotTables
  • Users familiar with PivotTables but new to Excel 2013
  • Although widely used with financial data, you can create PivotTables based on a variety of source data – the feature is potentially valuable to nearly all Excel users
About Our Speaker(s)

Dennis Taylor | Microsoft Excel SpeakerDennis Taylor
Dennis Taylor has taught thousands of Excel seminars and classes since the early 90's, is the author/presenter of over 250 Excel webinars, and authored the book Teach Yourself Microsoft Excel 2000. He has taught hundreds of public Excel seminars in the US and Canada since 2006 and has recorded over 100 Excel courses bo... More info

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    Event Title: Excel PivotTables: Using Excel's Best Analytical Feature
    Presenter(s): Dennis Taylor

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