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Leverage Look-Up Formulas in Microsoft Excel (IME250C)

Presented by: David Ringstrom, CPA
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Pre Recorded Webinar
60 minutes
Event Description
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Microsoft Excel is an invaluable and indispensable tool for every office employee, in almost every industry. One of the most important formulas in Excel are the Look-up formulas, used to see individual entries in large data sheets.

Look-up formulas are a useful tool to compare data entries and maintain accuracy in records, especially in large data sheets and are one of the best ways to improve the integrity of Excel spreadsheets. Proper use of Look-up functions can reclaim a part of your day, as you get better at finding the information you need from vast repositories of data.

Excel expert David H. Ringstrom, CPA, introduces the VLOOKUP function, arguably one of the most useful functions in Excel, and goes beyond its basic use. David explains what can go wrong with VLOOKUP, how to future-proof the function and explores alternatives such as MATCH/INDEX, SUMIF, SUMIFS, and SUMPRODUCT. With this audio, you'll be able to reference data from anywhere in an Excel workbook with ease.

David will teach primarily from Excel 2010, and will demonstrate new features in Excel 2013 when required, as well as disclose any differences with Excel 2007. Coverage of Excel 2003 will be limited to questions raised by the audience.

Training Objective

  • Learn how to arrange two worksheets from within the same workbook onscreen at the same time.
  • Improve the integrity of spreadsheets with Excel's VLOOKUP function.
  • Compare and contrast IFNA, IFERROR, and ISERROR, and find out which versions of Excel support each of these worksheet functions.
  • Learn everything about the new IFNA function available to Excel 2013 users.
  • Perform dual lookups, where you look across columns and down rows to cross reference the data you need
  • Discover how to use wildcards and multiple criteria within look-up formulas
  • Uncover the limitations of VLOOKUP, along with alternatives.
  • Learn why the MATCH and INDEX combination is often superior to VLOOKUP or HLOOKUP
  • Master the versatile SUMIF function.
  • Use the SUMIFS to sum value based on multiple criteria.
  • See the variety of functionality the SUMPRODUCT function offers.

This webinar will also help you to:

  • Learn about situations where VLOOKUP may return an error or omit desired data
  • Improve the integrity of VLOOKUP by way of the MATCH function and/or Excel's Table feature
  • Utilize the SUMIFS function in Excel 2007 and later for multiple-criteria look-ups.

Who should attend

Practitioners who rely on look-up functions within their spreadsheets, such as:

  • Accountants
  • Investment Bankers
  • Other Professionals in Financial industry
  • Management Consultants
  • Strategic Consultants
  • Business Intelligence Analysts
  • Marketers
  • HR professionals
  • Payroll Executives
  • Others
About Our Speaker(s)

David Ringstrom | Microsoft Excel Courses  SpeakerDavid Ringstrom CPA
David H. Ringstrom, CPA, is an author and nationally recognized instructor who teaches scores of webinars each year. His Excel courses are based on over 25 years of consulting and teaching experience. David’s mantra is “Either you work Excel, or it works you,” so he focuses on what he sees users don’t, but shou... More info

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    Event Title: Leverage Look-Up Formulas in Microsoft Excel
    Presenter(s): David Ringstrom, CPA

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