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Titanic Lessons for Business (HRM707K)

Presented by: Mark Kozak-Holland
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Pre Recorded Audio Conference
60 minutes
Event Description

Attention Decision Makers and Project Managers: Turn around crucial projects before they sink your business!  Let us show you how! 

Are you leading an important project that is headed for disaster? Do you see danger ahead but feel ill-equipped to steer clear of it? How do you know if your decisions will lead you out of rough waters or right into the iceberg? What best practices can you leverage now to avert looming failure?

Grab a lifeline, quick! Join historian and certified business consultant Mark Kozak-Holland, as he reveals the secrets to avoiding total project meltdown. This interactive, 60-minute audioconference shows you how to run projects safely and securely and most importantly how to avoid colossal mistakes that could compromise the entire project. Mark takes the most infamous disaster of the 20th century, the Titanic, and shows how the ship’s long and expensive construction project contributed mightily to Titanic’s demise.

Forget the line “it was an unavoidable accident”; the disaster was the result of an out of control project that got more and more compromised as the maiden voyage loomed.  Misconceptions and misplaced blame accompanied the Titanic post-mortem, just as they accompany your failed projects.

Ultimately, conclusions that the steel was brittle, or that an ice spur or bad luck played a part don’t hold water to what really happened (do these project killers sound familiar?):

  • Reality #1 — out of control project stakeholders made absurd decisions
  • Reality #2 — project requirements were compromised by aesthetic factors
  • Reality #3 — warning signals from earlier projects were ignored
  • Reality #4 —over-confidence invalidated some project stages
  • Reality #5 — the project chain of command was compromised

If you feel you’re battling forces like these and on the verge of losing control of your project, or worse, your job, you are not alone. Up to 50% of all projects today face serious challenges at some point in their lifecycle and 20% die before completion.

Don’t be a statistic. Take action now and learn how you can take the lessons of 100 years ago and turn around your projects in less than 100 hours!

About Our Speaker(s)

Mark Kozak-Holland, Marketing Training ExpertMark Kozak-Holland
Titanic Lessons for IT Projects is from the “Lessons from History” series. As the author behind the series, Mark Kozak-Holland brings years of experience as a consultant who helps Fortune-500 companies formulate projects that leverage emerging technologies. Since 1985 he has been straddling the business and... More info

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    Event Title: Titanic Lessons for Business
    Presenter(s): Mark Kozak-Holland

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