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How to Sell Value in the Information Economy (MKTD40C)

Presented by: Richard Farrell
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60 minutes
  •  Wed, December 10, 2014
Event Description
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Finding it Difficult to Differentiate from the Competition? Learn to Be Different By Not 'What You Sell' But 'How You Sell'

The information economy has neutralized the traditional value proposition of sales people. Sellers no longer have monopoly on information that they used to have before and are thus struggling to remain relevant. Most of the sales organizations sell, sound and look just the same. While working hard to prevent commoditization, they actually create it.

Customers, on the other hand, don't value the sellers' insights like before. This is resulting in challenges where the sellers are finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate themselves from the competition. They are pressed hard to deal with the price pressure, breaking into new accounts or simply getting a prospect.

Join expert speaker and bestseller author Richard Farrell, as he shares his winning strategies to leave behind the competition by 'selling differently' and prevent your product from becoming just another commodity. Learn how to truly differentiate yourself, not by 'what you sell' but by 'how you sell.'

This session will help you understand how to recognize, minimize and eliminate commoditization. You will learn how differentiation is created through your ability to ask the right questions and understand what you have learnt about the customer, rather than having the right answers and getting them to learn about you. If they don't value your insight or need your input or advice, then no differentiation in the world will matter.

Richard will also provide new ideas on how to sell in the information economy. You will learn how to position your offering based on how you solve problems as opposed to how you provide solutions. Get insights on how to better qualify opportunities and differentiate yourself from your competition based on the questions you ask you customer, not your self-serving, selling points.

Session Highlights:

  • Learn to minimize and eliminate commoditization
  • How to create differentiation by asking the right questions to your customer
  • How to position your offering based on how your product solve problems
  • Why should you avoid feature and benefit selling
  • Discovering new ways to present your value proposition
  • How to focus on the size and value of customers' problems
  • Learning how to sell in the information economy

Who Should Attend

Owners, CEOs, vice president of sales, sales managers, innovation managers, new product developers, brand managers and marketing people

Ask a question at the Q&A session following the live event and get advice unique to your situation, directly from our expert speaker.

About Our Speaker(s)

Richard Farrell, Sales Training ExpertRichard Farrell
Rick Farrell is president of tangent knowledge systems, a Chicago sales training company. He is the author of the upcoming book-selling has nothing to do with selling. He has been in sales for 30+ years and speaks at conferences and conventions worldwide. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, N... More info

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    Event Title: How to Sell Value in the Information Economy
    Presenter(s): Richard Farrell

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