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Building a Bridge to Sales: Changing Culture & Mindset in Your Call Center (HRMO07M)

Presented by: Kerry and Andy Elkind
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60 minutes
  •  Wed, October 17, 2007
Event Description

Does your call center need to ramp up its worth -- or risk being outsourced? How do you convince your front-line representatives -- and your management team -- that 'selling' is not a dirty word? Transitioning from service to SALES AND SERVICE is a huge challenge for any call center.

In today's tough business environment, your call center is expected to deliver improved customer service, higher productivity and -- yes! -- increased sales revenue.

The good news: you may be sitting on a gold mine and not even know it.

Remember: If you're already providing great customer service, you're on your way to great sales! But to become a successful sales and service organization you'll need to revolutionize your call center's culture and mindset -- and refocus your energy and resources.

Join expert speakers Kerry and Andy Elkind as they guide you through successfully transitioning your call center to better serve your customers, employees and organization -- and bring in essential revenue.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this highly interactive and informative conference:

  • Learn 8 tips for building a sales and service organization. 
  • Gain buy-in and commitment from your managers and service representatives. 
  • Refocus your representatives and build their confidence and sales fluency. 
  • Transform your service managers into sales leaders
  • Maximize the return on your training investment. 
  • Supercharge your sales results with sales contests and campaigns. 
  • And much more!
About Our Speaker(s)

Kerry and andy Elkind, Online Marketing Training ExpertKerry and Andy Elkind
Kerry Weiner Elkind and Andy Elkind are the authors of Service To Sales: Changing Culture and Mindset in Your Call Center. Co-founders of The Elkind Group (TEG), Kerry and Andy have more than 25 years of telesales and call center experience. Through their custom learning solutions, TEG has achieved outstanding success ... More info

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    Event Title: Building a Bridge to Sales: Changing Culture & Mindset in Your Call Center
    Presenter(s): Kerry and Andy Elkind

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