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Meetings: From Ordinary to Extraordinary (MKT219B)

Presented by: Paul Axtell
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Pre Recorded Webinar
60 minutes
Event Description

Arm Yourself with 26 Strategies to Gain Mastery over Your Meetings

Meetings are at the heart of successful organizations. They are a great way to clarify issues, sharpen focus, set direction, and move objectives forward. But a common complaint among managers is that their meetings fail to produce the desired results. That’s because if you don’t walk into a meeting with the right attitude or perspective, then your tactics usually won’t work. And if you don’t know where to put your attention, you won’t know which critical variables you should notice.

Learn what it takes to turn ordinary meetings into extraordinary ones in this webinar by industry expert Paul Axtell. Axtell will explain what perspectives are important for meeting leaders and for the participants; how to set up a topic; how to wrap up each agenda item to ensure alignment and action; and how to get the most out of each participant in a meeting.

You will learn what to do if your boss is terrible at meeting, and other useful things—such as how to influence a meeting as a participant, respect the time and talent in a meeting room, and ensure that everyone completes the agreed-upon action items before the next meeting. Plus, you will receive 26 powerful ideas to help you practice, learn, and gain mastery over your meetings.

After attending this instructive session, you will know where exactly to put your attention and what to look for to make all conversations more effective—especially those in meetings.

Session Highlights

This session will teach you:

  • How to handle the person who dominates the conversation
  • What to do if your boss is terrible at leading meetings
  • How to think as you enter a meeting
  • How to influence a meeting as a participant
  • How to respect the time and talent in the meeting room
  • How to ensure you complete the agreed-upon action items before the next meeting
  • What set-up, process, and closure are in a meeting setting
  • How to handle devices and other distractions
  • How to practice after training

Who Should Attend

  • All professionals who attend or lead meetings
  • Managers
  • Supervisors and project managers
  • C-level leaders
About Our Speaker(s)

Paul Axtell
Paul Axtell provides consulting and personal effectiveness training to a wide variety of clients, from Fortune 500 companies and universities to nonprofit organizations and government agencies. A large focus of his work is on how to run effective and productive meetings—to turn them from dreaded calendar items into v... More info

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    Event Title: Meetings: From Ordinary to Extraordinary
    Presenter(s): Paul Axtell

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